Meet your #ONELIVE Toronto finalist Alyssa Irion

To be 'The One' you must be more than just a great instructor – you must be a Rock Star. Introducing Alyssa Irion who JAM'ed her way through the Toronto semi-finals and will be taking the stage at Stockholm. Will she be ‘The One’?

Where do you teach LES MILLS classes?

I teach LES MILLS at GoodLife Fitness in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Tell us a little bit about your background. What led you into the fitness industry?

My background is full of dance-type sports. I started with gymnastics for 5 years, then figure skating for 4 years, and cheerleading for another few. I also did jazz and tap dance for a year but for what I could find in our small city for my age range, it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I continued on for a few years without a sport once I finished in cheerleading. I was introduced to GoodLife Fitness when a friend of mine was RAVING about this awesome BODYATTACK™ class she tried. I was hesitant as I was always that person to sign up for a gym membership, and only use it for a month or two, then waste my money for the rest of the year paying for something I wasn’t using. Anyways, I tried BODYATTACK once, and I knew right then and there that this was my “adult sport” and I wanted to do whatever it took to get on that stage! Here I am 5 years later, teaching BODYSTEP, BODYJAM™, SH'BAM, and BODYATTACK™ and still wanting more!

What is your favorite program and track?

Really??? Can ANY instructor with multiple disciplines answer this question? Haha. I teach the four programs because there is something I truly absolutely love about each one. If you were going to make me pick, I’d have to pick BODYJAM. It is just FREAKING AWESOME. Every single time that last track of a block comes on, and you get that high, that feeling when you just SHUT UP AND DANCE, there really is nothing like it. I tell people, “BODYJAM is my yoga... It’s my escape”.

What do you love about teaching?

I love being able to share the love of fitness with others. I love sharing my passion, and I love helping others fall in love with getting fit. It took me 23 years to get to a place where I can say I love working out, and there has been no turning back since then, and I just want to share that. =)

What has been your biggest accomplishment/most rewarding moment?

My most rewarding moment as an instructor has hands down been being selected for THE ONE Canada. It is an absolute dream come true. It was such an honor to share the stage in Toronto with some of my biggest role models!! It truly has been the most amazing experience this far!

Tell us how you pass on your motivation to others?

I pass it on by eating, sleeping, and breathing these programs, by always continuing to share with others how much it’s changed my life, and how positive group fitness is, by keeping excited about what’s new and coming. I share it through the energy I bring to the stage every time I teach and by trying to chat with individuals.

Do you have a favorite quote or piece of advice?

I absolutely love the quote “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”. Its goes along side “just do it” or “when you feel the burn is where it starts to work”. These are such small phrases that can go so far if you just remind yourself. There are times (many times) when I want to give up because it hurts, and I can tell others around me feel the same, and that’s where this quick reminder comes into play!

What’s your best fitness tip?

Even when you want to, don’t give up. Find what works for you, and stay a little outside of your comfort zone. Keep changing things up. Don’t get bored. If you love what you do, it won’t be a chore, it’ll be something you look forward to.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

TREATS! Chips, candy, chocolate, NACHOS!

What features on your favorite playlist?

To pick a favourite playlist I feel like I need to pick a favourite program... So back to this hard question… Haha.

So let’s say I said BODYJAM …

I would have to pick all of BODYJAM74! Just because every time a new release comes out, I fall head over heels in love with the program all over again! And BODYJAM from the front to the back is a crazy awesome release!!!

But in general, the ideal playlist to me has some Beyonce, maybe a little Mariah, some great house music, some early 90’s music, maybe a couple hits from the 2000’s, even a track from the 80’s and maybe even a rock song! In case you can’t tell by this explanation, there’s not much I don’t like, so making a playlist is truly the hardest part of my day every single time I teach. Haha.

Describe yourself in one word.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. =)

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