Meet #ONELIVE Barcelona winner Sara Coro

The calibre was high but it’s about to get higher. Sara Coro bought that Spanish passion to Barcelona but can she do it again at the grand finals in Stockholm? Will she be ‘The One’?

Where do you teach LES MILLS classes?
Palladium Gym in Zaragoza, Spain.

Tell us a little bit about your background. What led you into the fitness industry?
Although my education was passed in other ways, sport and dance have always been part of my life. I began when I was three doing classic ballet and later I practiced rhythmic gymnastics, but it was love (when I met my husband) that led me into the fitness industry. Although sports practice and dance was throughout my life, I realized that I could make my passion into a way of life and that is why I became an instructor.

What is your favorite program and track?
BODYBALANCE™ Tracks 3 and 4.

What do you love about teaching?
I love having the sensation that all of us are living the same experience, to share and to pass on what that means for me.

What has been your biggest accomplishment/most rewarding moment?
To be finalist in THE ONE Barcelona and have the opportunity to live this new experience.

Tell us how you pass on your motivation to others?
Filling my job and my classes with passion and enthusiasm and sharing that with my students.

Do you have a favorite quote or piece of advice?
Whatever you do, do it with passion. Believe in what you do and be honest.

What’s your best fitness tip?
Listen to your body, learn from it and try to have always new goals and challenges.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I don´t have any.

What features on your favorite playlist?
Something for dancing, some music that helps me to stretch and U2 and Coldplay are a must.

Describe yourself in one word.

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