Celebrating group fitness love 12,000 miles from home

Ditte and Nynne Weinreich share a passion for helping people fall in love with fitness – and that passion recently saw them travel thousands of miles to attend Les Mills’ quarterly filming. Find out more about their journey here.

Growing up Danish sisters Ditte and Nynne Weinreich never had much in common… until they discovered Les Mills. After falling in love with BODYPUMP™ and BODYCOMBAT™ they trained to become instructors and grew a loyal fan of regulars at their club in Aalborg, Denmark. When they looked to spread the Les Mills love even wider they spoke to their club manager and agreed that BODYSTEP™ was the answer.

‘‘ We want others to feel more confident, stronger and more physically and mentally healthy – just as we have experienced. ’’

-Ditte Weinreich

With no BODYSTEP experience whatsoever Ditte dragged her slightly skeptical sister miles away to the nearest club so they could give BODYSTEP a go. It didn’t go to plan. Their first foray into BODYSTEP was tough, and it involved one of the sisters lying flat on their stomach just a couple of minutes into the class! Despite this they were hooked on the amazing workout they got. After much practice they soon completed the BODYSTEP instructor training and launched the program at their home club.

When Les Mills’ Nordic team offered the chance to travel to New Zealand to see the filming of BODYSTEP 100 Ditte jumped at the chance. She submitted a ‘motivational fairytale’ which told of her journey to becoming a BODYSTEP instructor and how it brought her and her sister closer together. When she found out she’d won she was over the moon, and quickly asked Nynne to join her.

The sisters traveled to Auckland for the filming in early February – and when we caught up with them they were buzzing.

“I love traveling and I love the spirit of Les Mills, so traveling to Auckland, the birth place of Les Mills, was the ultimate,” says Ditte. “There’s an amazing combination of passion and professionalism – you can feel it in the air. Experiencing this first-hand has been a huge motivation and inspiration.”

Nynne is confident that the experience will make her a better instructor. “I’ve learned a lot about how to better connect with participants and I’ve discovered first-hand the importance of focusing not just on technique, but on what you get out of each exercise.”

Both sisters agreed that being the first in the world to experience the 100th release of BODYSTEP was sensational. “In almost every track there was a focus on celebration. I loved the music and was having a blast every track,” says Ditte. Nynne adds that BODYSTEP lovers should brace themselves for the killer thigh workout that this release provides, and says she’s sure that everyone will love the finale. “At the end I felt so strong, so tired and so happy I had chills.”

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