That’s a wrap. Another filming week is in the bag.

Filming week always has that extra bit of energy as instructors and fitness lovers from around the world flock to Les Mills Auckland City HQ to be part of Les Mills history with the filming of our quarterly releases. To find out more about filming week and catch some of the highlights from this week, read on...

The Les Mills Auckland City gym has been buzzing this week and there’s only one thing it could mean – filming week!

Once every three months, the already-bustling club becomes extra pumped as instructors and fans from all over the world congregate to be part of our filming.

For those of you wondering what this filming thing is all about, let’s break it down.

At Les Mills we never stand still, it’s in our nature to innovate. So every quarter we take a team of our rockstar trainers and film a new “Masterclass” release of each of our 13 programs. That means fresh moves and fresh music and is great news for your motivation and your results.

These new releases are then packaged up for our tribe of 100,000 instructors in 80 countries. That’s what they deliver to millions of fitness fans every week.

This filming round, as usual, was packed with new moves and talented presenters from all corners of the globe.

Here’s our highlights package:

  • The super-talented Emma Vandenbergh debuts as a presenter alongside program director Glen Ostergaard on BODYPUMP™92. Emma is a BODYPUMP™ trainer, as well as CXWORX™, BODYBALANCE™, and BODYCOMBAT™ instructor based in Adelaide. After shadowing Glen for the filming of BODYPUMP™ 90 last year, Emma took the stage on her own this time and knocked it out of the park. We’re certain her awesome presenting style and athletic talent, not to mention lovely personality, make her one to watch in future releases!Emma and Glen own the stage presenting BODYPUMP™ 92
  • Jackie Mills and Diana Archer-Mills present BODYBALANCE™ 67 together, along with the youngest member of the tribe, due to be born in November!Filming was special for mother-daughter team Jackie and Diana as they were accompanied by our very youngest tribe member.
  • BODYCOMBAT™ joins the high-intensity training trend of the moment with a butt-kicking (literally!) release number 62.

    That’s a wrap for this quarter! Stay tuned for the next filming round which hits in November. And if the idea of being part of a new release filming audience gets your triceps tingling, find out how you can make it happen here.

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