Lean arms are just one of the perks of BODYCOMBAT

Rachael Newsham explains her relationship with exercise and what she calls the BODYCOMBAT chrysalis.

In an industry saturated by impressive, and intimidating bodies, Rachael Newsham stands out. Lean and toned, you would assume arms like hers are only possible after daily marathons in the gym and a strict diet of chicken and broccoli. Rach would be the first to say that is no way to live. In fact, she’d be happiest telling you over a glass of red wine.

If you haven’t quite cracked the work / life / exercise balance, a lean and toned wine-drinking, chocolate-eating instructor may sound suspicious. The truth is, any secrets Rach does discover she quickly shares with the world through the programs she directs – BODYCOMBAT™ and SH’BAM™.

What Rach does do is exercise regularly. Partly because it’s her job, but mainly because it makes her feel great; mentally, emotionally and physically.

Acknowledging the ways exercise benefits her, above and beyond the shape of her body, is one of the reasons Rach believes she will never stop exercising. Failing to embrace the mental and emotional gains is a sure way to miss half the fun, and when you’re having fun you’re more likely to keep showing up.

Although Rach does exercise every day, her workout plan is one that anyone could follow. Teaching two BODYCOMBAT workouts and three SH’BAM classes, and turning up to a couple of BODYPUMP classes is Rach’s not–so-secret recipe.

For Rach, the best feelings come from BODYCOMBAT or SH’BAM.

“BODYCOMBAT doesn’t just deliver results, it grows you.”

Rach describes her experience with BODYCOMBAT like that of a butterfly’s chrysalis – totally transformative. This cycle repeats itself in different ways on different scales. At times it’s within one class, walking in feeling stressed and walking out feeling released. It can also be over a period of time, developing skills and moves which leave you feeling totally empowered.

“There is so much room for growth in BODYCOMBAT. When you’re new and fresh to the workout, you’re learning the basics and working muscles in ways you wouldn’t have worked before – and that’s just stage one. After a couple of classes you start to make the moves your own and be like, ‘I’ve got this’… And start paying attention to the layer two stuff – enhancing the moves. You can’t help but start getting better, increasing effort and results – it’s the endless giving cycle!”

Rach strongly believes the best way to have a good relationship with exercise is to find something that makes you feel good. For some people that’s lifting weights, for others it’s going for a run. For Rach it’s doing BODYCOMBAT or SH’BAM.

“If you feel good doing the exercise you’ll do more of it. If you don’t, you won’t.”

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