BODYPUMP 91, CXWORX 18, RPM 65... What do the digits mean?

Kicking off your at-home fitness is as easy as 1,2,3… so don’t let Les Mills release numbers bamboozle you. Read on to find out what release numbers mean.

The number associated with each LES MILLS™ program release doesn’t indicate the length of the workout, how challenging it is, or the amount of times you should to do it. The release number is purely a way of identifying specific workouts.

This is important because there are plenty of LES MILLS workouts out there. We’ve been creating fitness programs for 35 years and every three months our team of creative directors, university researchers, doctors, sports scientists and music professionals develop new versions of every LES MILLS program. The aim is always to raise the bar and develop cutting-edge exercise. Each new release features new music, the latest exercise science and the most up-to-date exercise choreography.

The higher the release number the more recent the release. BODYPUMP™ has a long history, so close to 100 BODYPUMP releases have been created, whereas LES MILLS GRIT™ is relatively new on the scene so the release numbers have only just hit double digits.

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When you’re kicking off your at home fitness you don’t need to start with a specific release number, or tackle them in chronological order. All we suggest is that you try as many different workouts as you can. It’s a good idea to keep track of your favorite release numbers and do these workouts regularly – but not all the time. Research shows that mixing up various releases from the same program can maximize the benefits.

The secret to fitness success is to find the type of exercise you enjoy, and then stick to what you like, with a little bit of variety thrown in for good measure. LES MILLS On Demand is home to more than 50 different workouts, and more are being added every few weeks. You can effectively mix up your at-home training and never get bored.

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