Taine Phillips: Inspiring young people with music they love

Taine Phillips isn’t your typical teenage music lover. When Taine listens to music (and he listens to a lot) he does more than simply hum along to the beat, he focusses on the feel. Why? Because Taine’s constantly on the lookout for amazing music to feature in the latest BORN TO MOVE™ classes.

Taine is one half of the talented teen duo behind the music and choreography for Les Mills BORN TO MOVE™ classes for six to sixteen year olds. Together with his sister, 16-year-old Corrah Phillips, he’s charged with devising new music and choreography for a new series of BORN TO MOVE™ classes every four months. He says choosing the right music always comes first.

We recently spoke to Taine about what goes into choosing music, check out what he had to say.

What do you look for when sourcing music for BORN TO MOVE™?
“Amazing music motivates and inspires and is the backbone of any good class. With BORN TO MOVE™ we look for music that you can really feel, music that sends chills down your spine or takes your heart rate and bumps it up a bit. We want music that motivates, music that inspires confidence, music that feels so good it creates a positive boost.”

Where do you find the music?
“For me, music is always front of mind – I’m always hunting out new favorites from across the internet, music blogs and Soundcloud and adding them to my library. When I find a song that I particularly like the feel of I show it to Corrah. If we both like it then we know we are on to something. We don’t often have disagreements over music which is lucky.”

Why is it important that young people like yourself choose the music?
“BORN TO MOVE™ is designed for young people, so having music influenced by our generation just makes sense. I don’t think it would work as well if it was people older than us selecting the music. I think we have a good gauge on what’s popular. We always make sure there’s a good mix of mainstream music that you hear on the radio everyday as well as the stuff you might not hear too often, but that young people will still know.”

How does the music differ for different age groups?
“With BORN TO MOVE™ classes for everyone from toddlers to teens there’s a need for a real variety of music. Corrah and I don’t source the music for the BORN TO MOVE™ classes for 2-5 year olds, it’s created by a specialist team who focus on fun, sing-a-long music where the music and words relate to specific actions. When we source music for the 6-7 and 8-12 year old classes we look for light, vibrant, catchy tunes with a real ‘feel good’ flavour. The music for the teen classes tends to be where the intensity kicks in. It’s edgier and heavier with a beat that’s a little rough and there’s general more kick to it. I really like Swedish House Mafia and artists that do a similar genre – the kind of house music you hear at parties and clubs. These type of tracks feature in some of the BORN TO MOVE™ classes for older kids.”

Taine says that the only way to really understand the BORN TO MOVE™ music is for young people to experience one of the classes.

“Music and movement are both such simple things that so many people get enjoyment out of. With BORN TO MOVE™ we’ve been able to combine these two things and tailor it specifically for young people. There’s no element of competition or individualism. It’s just fun. You don’t need to feel like everyone’s watching you – they’re not, everyone’s too busy having a good time.”

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