As the BODYJAM Program Director I hate to admit this, but if you’re after a well-balanced exercise regime you can’t survive on dance alone. Weight training and stretching are non-negotiables. And that’s where BODYPUMP comes in.

At the beginning of a BODYPUMP™ workout you lift up the bar and immediately think, ‘Wow, this is really light’. Then the first verse happens and the pain starts to creep in. Next the chorus hits and your arms start yelling at you. You’ve heard the song on the radio so you know that there’s three more choruses and three more verses to get through. When you finally get to the end of the last chorus, your arms are screaming and you think, thank god. But then there’s a little gap in the music and the song starts again…

BODYPUMP is hard.

The next day your body hurts. The day after the next day, your body hurts more – and you’ve gone off BODYPUMP completely. Then there’s a total turnaround. By day four your body has recovered, you’re feeling good and are amped for another workout.

I quite enjoy the torture.

When I lift weights I feel amazing. The day I train I feel stronger, broader and taller. I feel like I move with a bit more ease and I am not worried about hurting myself.

And I love how weight training has changed my dance. I feel like I can move quicker, like when I get my body into the right position, I can stop stronger. I can hit a position faster and hold it longer before I take it to the next place. That’s what makes dancers look skilled and super clean.

I dance a lot. When I’m choreographing a new release I will be dancing nine hours a day, four days a week. I always make sure I squeeze in two one hour weight sessions per week. And then I just stretch and stretch and stretch… Dedicating time to solid stretching sessions means that when I wake up the next morning my body feels pretty good – and ready to do it all again.

I find BODYPUMP stupidly motivating. It’s lifting at the cutting edge – with a tracklist of bangers to match.

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