The art and science of creating HIIT music

Dropping the right beats at the right time is a huge part of any workout experience. Les Mills Jnr knows this better than most and he shares why the LES MILLS GRIT tracklist is going to help you keep moving when your muscles are screaming to stop.

Music is everything to Les Mills Jnr and he’s quietly stoked with the latest mix for LES MILLS GRIT™.

Les Jnr says it has taken a bit of time for the team to fully understand the right chemistry between High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and music. Fresh from recording the 15th release of LES MILLS GRIT, he is positive the musical progression is improving your workout experience.

“You start the latest workouts with an upbeat and soulful feel to lead you in. It might be hip hop, funk, soul or electronic. Track two isn’t so intense because your body is warm and it’s not as necessary for the music to go so hard.”

“The middle tracks are all about keeping your mind going somewhere else as your body starts to fatigue. Then the abdominal track is more optimistic and easy to wind you down.”

There is a specific focus on remixing music to fit the workout and specific movements.

“For example with a propulsion lunge you need something to get you off the floor. Something exciting and uplifting. Next move up might be a heavy strength move like a clean and press so we'll use something grimy and dirty. The difference in tracks and moves creates that contrast and flow. We might mix three different pieces of music for one workout track. Our rule is to never allow a throwaway track.”

Music signoff is part of Les Jnr’s role as creative director for LES MILLS GRIT but he’s quick to acknowledge it is a true collaboration.

“We tried a system working with DJs, but they didn’t fully understand a HIIT workout and it wasn’t creating the right realm. Genevieve Corich has come in and given us a fresh perspective, and Howard Rogers from Bring It On studio is a musical genius.”

Check out the latest playlists for the LES MILLS GRIT Series here.

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