Erin Maw is a LES MILLS GRIT coach who channels her athleticism to set and exceed goals. She’s crafted a career from her love of fitness and now, on top of coaching LES MILLS GRIT, BODYATTACK and BODYJAM, she trains instructors, teaches dance and DJ’s.

Erin explains where she gets her motivation from…

“I’m really lucky to have grown up in a fitness-loving household. As a toddler I remember playing around on the crash pads while dad was at the gym or doing high kicks with mum in the lounge listening to 80’s classics. Thanks to my parents I have always had a passion for music and movement. However, just because I love fitness, it doesn’t mean I don’t have days when my motivation is lacking. When this is the case all I do is put on a good tune – loud pumping music will always get me going.

While it’s music that gets me up and active, it’s progress that pushes me to keep at it. Achieving goals, beating PB’s or simply surviving the treadmill will always give me a boost of confidence and encourage me to keep going, aim higher and better myself every day. I want to be the best physical role model I can be.

‘‘ Exercise creates incredible endorphins. I remind myself of the high I’ll miss out on if I don't train. ’’

-Erin Maw

I believe the secret to creating a solid exercise routine is to find something you love, something you really connect with. For me the combination of LES MILLS GRIT™ , BODYJAM™, and BODYATTACK™ creates my perfect fitness tripod. I’ve been dancing for the last 15 years and have a passion for DJ’ing and House music so naturally I’m connected to BODYJAM. BODYATTACK appeals to my athletic side and I love the explosive high-intensity interval training of LES MILLS GRIT. With GRIT I feel like I’m really building strength and power – and it satisfies my desire to set and smash goals.

I spend my life in my active wear. My favorite items are comfortable, easy to wear and they stay put while I’m working out – I don’t like unintentionally revealing too much skin! I often team Reebok’s loose drop singlets with shorts and I love Reebok’s black dance tights because you can wear them casually and while you’re working out.

Teaching these classes is a dream come true. Every day I motivate, encourage and push people outside of their comfort zones, and that’s what I love. When I’m not training others within the gym I’m teaching and coaching competitive aerobics and dance for high school girls. Inspiring young girls to be fit and active is one of the coolest and most rewarding hobbies ever.”

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