Important information about upcoming Quarterly
Q2/2020 Instructor Releases

While learning the new moves and connecting over our favorite workouts can help keep us motivated, we understand that these are unique times for everyone in the fitness industry.

We’ve heard many of you can’t wait for your new Release(s), while others would prefer to skip this round, so we’re giving you the option to skip your next Quarterly (Q2/2020) Instructor Release(s). This is to help ease any financial pressure you may be experiencing right now.

If you would still like to receive your Q2/2020 Instructor Release(s) no action is required.

If you choose to skip the Q2/2020 Instructor Release(s) - read on for important details.

Skipping Q2 Instructor Releases

For Instructors buying their own Releases

If skipping the Q2/2020 Instructor Release(s) sounds like a great option for you please contact

For Clubs who pay for Instructor Releases

If you’re a Club who typically pays for Instructor Releases and skipping Q2/2020 Instructor Release(s) sounds like a great option for you, contact to have your account updated.

Other important information

Q2/2020 Instructor Releases will still be available for purchase, whenever you’re ready to get back into it!

If you change your mind and want to be added back into the Q2/2020 Instructor Release Run, please get in touch:

If you need any further information regarding Q2/2020 Instructor Release Autoship, see our FAQs below or contact

Q3 Instructor Releases:

Please remember, this is not a permanent skip, you will still be included in the Q3/2020 Instructor Release Run.


When my facility opens are we to launch the Q1 or Q2 release?

Although this is ultimately a choice with your club, we recommend facilities focus on the Q1 release when they plan their reopening events. Since we’ve allowed instructors to skip Q2 releases not all instructors may be able to participate in the launch if they haven’t purchased the release. Those instructors that have purchased Q2 can work it into their schedule when they and their members are ready.

Can I stream this Releases while my gym is closed?

The music in the releases is licensed music so we can offer the hottest music from the best music houses. This is not the royalty-free music offered on the Live Streaming options. We have great partnerships with music artists and publishers that we simply have to respect, so the release cannot be streamed or recorded.

I am about ready to go out of compliance, do I have to purchase this release?

We understand that many instructors who have taken a break previously will not currently be back to teaching, as a result, this release does not count toward your compliance. You will stay active until Q3 autoship or when clubs have reopened if that is after Q3 autoship in September.

How does Skipping Q2 releases impact my compliance?

Skipping Q2 will not count against your compliance requirement. If you are about ready to go inactive you will stay active and you will still be able to go on hold in the future.

Please check with your local Market on the Quarterly Webinars and education being offered in your region.

I’ve been on hold previously can I still skip a release?

You can still skip this release, even if you’ve been on hold previously. Knowing that clubs are currently closed we understand that you may not be teaching and want to offer as much flexibility as possible.

How will skipping Q2 releases impact my ability to go on hold in the future?

If you skip Q2, you will still be able to go on hold in the future if you are pregnant, injured or not actively teaching.

My facility furloughed me, can I still purchase the release with no active affiliation?

We understand that most instructors have been furloughed or laid off at this time. You can still purchase this release. We hope that your club will open soon and you will be back to teaching, this is just a small pause in your affiliation.

If I skip Q2 releases can I still participate in the quarterly webinars and education?

This will depend on the market. Each market to update based on if education is included in the release, free or offered at a separate cost.

If I chose to skip Q2 releases do I have to skip all my programs or just some?

You have choice in if you want to skip 1, some or all of your programs. Under each certification you will select if you want to skip that release. If not action is taken for a specific program, and you are subscribed to autoship, you will receive the release

My club usually buys my releases, can I purchase on my own?

Yes, if your club is not purchasing your release you can still purchase the release. Just make sure to update your billing information before the autoship run date. If you do not get your billing information updated you can still purchase the release through the releases store.

My club typically buys Releases on my behalf, but has chosen to skip Q2 Releases, will I be charged?

If your club is not purchasing your release and your billing information is up to date, you will receive and be charged for the Q2 Release. If you do still want the Q2/2020 Releases, just make sure billing information is up to date in the Portal before the Autoship Run date. If you would prefer to skip the Q2/2020 Release, make sure you follow the instructions on how to skip the Q2/2020 Release, before the Autoship run.

Can I skip the release for now but purchase later?

Absolutely, the release will be available in the releases store for purchase after autoship. Each release stays available for 2 years.

I received the Q2 release and I don’t want it/can’t afford it, can I get a refund?

We’re sorry to hear that you received the release and didn’t want it at this time. We can easily refund you, as long as you haven’t downloaded it.

I’ve downloaded the release can I still get a refund?

Once you have downloaded the release we cannot offer a refund. Similar to when you open the packaging on a cd or dvd (do you remember those days?) the release is now yours. We understand that you may have financial constraints but you have already accessed the release.