How to Create a Home Workout Routine You'll Stick With

The real challenge of an at-home workout begins well before you start sweating. For most of us the hardest part is mustering the motivation we need to get started.

Let’s be honest, when there’s no one watching committing to fitness can be tough. Who’s to know if you stick with your exercise intentions? Will there be any repercussions if you cut your workout short? What if you just skip the workout all together?

You can overcome the challenge of solo exercise by following these simple tips and making at-home workouts work for you.

Stick to your schedule

Scheduling a specific time to train each day will not only shape a regular routine, it will help manage (and eliminate) any potential distractions. To avoid spending the first half of your exercise time browsing an online library of workout options decide on your next workout the night before (or at the end of your previous workout session). If you really want to hit the ground running, bookmark the workout, lay out your workout gear and equipment and make sure your workout space has plenty of room to move.

Create the perfect setting for sweating

For most of us, setting up a gym in the basement isn’t plausible, or necessary. You can create a motivating workout area simply by finding the best place to stream online workouts and keeping any exercise equipment nearby. Make the space as nice as possible by dressing it with furnishings that make you happy and keep all of your equipment organized in a basket or tidy spot. Not only will this keep you motivated, it will remove the hassle of getting ‘set up’ every time you think about exercise. Be sure to always have a sweat towel and water on hand – rushing off to the kitchen to get a mid-workout drink won’t do your fitness goals any good.

CXWORX at home

Ditch the distractions

When you’re working out in a gym you’re surrounded by fellow exercisers, the focus on fitness is absolute and the chance of distraction seeping in is slim. At home it’s a different story. Kids, neighbours, your pets, your phone…they’re all on standby ready to sabotage your exercise. If you want to successfully tick off an at home workout you need to eliminate potential interferences before they take hold. The easiest way to make this happen is to turn your phone on silent, plan your workout for a time when children or visitors won’t be around to interrupt and make sure your dog or cat is shut away in another room.

Do what you want

The best way to get your body hooked on regular exercise is to find something you love. Lifting weights, high-intensity interval training, dance, martial arts, yoga… there are loads of options out there. LES MILLS On Demand is home to a library of over 100 workouts from 11 different programs. You are sure to be able to find a style of workout that you will love.

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