Heart transplant survivor beat the odds with RPM

After six hearts attacks and two surgeries David Green’s health was spiraling out of control. He tells how stumbling into his club’s RPM class has not only helped him to beat the odds but to transform his life.*

I truly believe that RPM™ has saved my life. If it wasn't for RPM I probably wouldn't be here telling you my story today, instead I'd be confined to a cardiac floor awaiting a heart transplant. Three years ago my health was spiraling out of control. I had suffered six heart attacks that resulted in angioplasty surgery and then I suffered 'the big one' which resulted in open heart surgery for a triple bypass.

After the open heart surgery I knew it was time to make a change. I stepped into one of the local gyms and walked by the studio where RPM was taking place. I could hear the great music and it was really appealing. I attended the next class the following day but I lasted just 10 minutes before I had to quit. I went straight home and puked my guts up - but I was hooked! I religiously participated in the RPM classes twice a week shedding about 40 pounds (18 kilograms). My cardiologist was impressed. He stated that if he could bottle what was happening in the RPM class for me he could retire.

On the first year anniversary of RPM classes I came across the opportunity to do RPM instructor training. Needless to say, having now lost 100 pounds (45 kilograms) I jumped at the chance to become an RPM instructor. I knew that becoming an RPM instructor was for me after watching the RPM 33 DVD. Dan McDonough was so inspiring and that lit the fire for me to proceed and I never looked back.

Today I am enjoying life to the fullest with RPM still an active part in my life. I truly believe that RPM has saved my life and has kept my name from appearing on the heart transplant list here in Peoria, IL. I have lost over 120 pounds (54 kilograms) and have maintained that for the last two years. I'm down to a 34 waist and my medication intake has been cut by 80%!

I know that RPM has done amazing things for my quality of life. I am stronger, leaner, and more confident. I have not only improved my fitness level but in my job I am more confident and more than willing to take those tough challenges.

I can't stress enough my gratitude for the results that the RPM program has provided. What's best of all is that my 13-year-old daughter is relieved to know that I will be home - she doesn't have to worry that her dad's going to end up in the ER due to heart failure. It's not happening!