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Ready for something a little different? Gen-Fit Training is a suite of new programs - based on the hottest fitness trends - that will unlock more teaching opportunities for you. Expect to be upskilled fast so you can focus on doing what you love - connecting with members and filling the room.



Les Mills

A series of 12 x progressive strength training workouts to build confidence using weights - all at your own pace. Set to the perfect hip hop soundtrack, you will teach the essential elements of strength training with functional exercises and dynamic core work. This fresh style of training is perfect for attracting new faces and building your following.





  • What is Gen-Fit Training?

Gen-Fit Training is an innovative group fitness solution that will take your classes to the next level and open doors to new teaching opportunities. With a stack of new programs based on the hottest fitness trends, you can expect to be upskilled fast so you can focus on doing what you love - connecting with members and filling classes.

  • How are Gen-Fit Training programs different to other LES MILLS programs?

Gen-Fit Training is scientifically crafted and tested to meet the demand of younger generations. The progressive ‘challenge-style’ programs are designed to be run for short durations at different moments throughout the year to keep the timetable exciting.

They ensure highly motivating fitness experiences that bring results, strength, and empowerment, and work alongside the latest music trends that appeal to younger exercisers.

  • How will the training differ from the usual IMT process?

You could be coaching the latest innovations within a week! Les Mills wants you to get certified quickly and easily, so we have made the process simple and flexible. If you’re an existing Les Mills Instructor in a relevant program, then the training is very straightforward. It will roughly take half a day depending on the pre-requisites of each Gen-Fit Training program.

  • Why are we launching Gen-Fit Training programs this way?

We know how hard the last two years have been for instructors. The creation of Gen-Fit Training is our way of helping maximize your teaching opportunities and supporting you to continuously improve and develop your craft.

  • When will each of these Gen-Fit Training programs Jackie and Phillip are talking about come out?

We will first launch Strength Development and will roll out further programs after that. We're currently working through the details of the programs and will let you know once each launch date is confirmed for your market.

  • How will Gen-Fit Training help me fill my classes?

Having new or limited-time programming on your timetable gives you and your gym new ways to draw existing members into the Group Fitness room. These programs are also designed to appeal to the demographic who make up most gym joiners today, giving your gym something exciting to advertise in the community. More buzz around your Group Fitness program is good for everyone.

As an Instructor, you will get noticed delivering cutting edge, impactful, explosive workouts that help you connect with more members and drive new faces into your class. This new style of training will help score new fans which will also help you promote your other classes.

  • How much will the Initial Training Cost?

Gen-Fit Training offers a completely unique way of delivering workouts, so we’re looking into new options to package your training, assessment, and materials. We’ll be able to confirm the details closer to each program launch, but rest assured we’re working hard to make these programs as accessible as possible.

  • How many Gen-Fit Training programs will be available at one time?

We will initially launch with one program – Les Mills Strength Development – as we want real time feedback to help us iterate and improve with every subsequent program released. We’ll keep you updated on when the next program is expected to be released.

  • How should the Gen-Fit Training programs be scheduled onto my clubs' timetable?

The twelve releases are designed to be run for short durations on the timetable (e.g. 3 months at a time) and re-introduced at different points throughout the year – this keeps the concept fresh and helps to engage members in group fitness. They can also be run as a 12-week strength challenge, which we know members love!

  • How long can my club license each Gen-Fit Training program?

Gen-Fit programs are designed to be put on your schedule as a limited-time offering to generate both excitement and commitment for classes at your club. We’ll have more specific timelines regarding how long we’ll sell each program closer to launch.

  • Will all Gen-Fit Training programs have the same progressive style and the same number of releases?

Not necessarily. As each program speaks to a specific innovation or workout trend, each will follow a format that makes the most sense. This also means that the number of releases associated with each program will be different. We do, however, anticipate that Instructors will get all the releases at once in a digital ‘box set’ - which is what we are doing with Strength Development.

  • Will all the Gen-Fit Training Instructor materials (training and releases) cost the same amount?

Not necessarily. It will depend on the style of training and how many classes/releases are filmed for each program, while ensuring that these are as accessible as possible for you.

  • What equipment will be required for Gen-Fit Training programs?

We want it to be straightforward to launch a Gen-Fit program, so we are focusing on developing workouts that feature group fitness equipment already found in your facility, plus equipment-free options.

  • How/when will my club manager hear about Gen-Fit Training?

After we run our pilot test in a few clubs, we will be promoting Gen-Fit Training to all facilities early next year. Your club manager can expect to see it promoted in Fit Business and across Les Mills Connect.

  • Does this mean we will eventually have over 30 Les Mills programs? How will clubs choose?

We currently have a broad offering as it stands, and this allows you to develop your craft and cater to member needs. Gen-Fit Training programs can be used as a driver to re-energize the timetable and your facility, to attract and engage new and existing members. Programs can be used as a driver to re-energize a space in your club or spot on your timetable or an acquisition or retention tool.

  • Do I have to upskill every quarter and pay ongoing fees to keep a Gen-Fit Training certification active?

As we pilot the program in a select few facilities, we will gather feedback to help shape what this certification looks like. We ultimately want to maintain gold standard training while making sure it is easy and fun to be an active Gen-Fit Training Instructor.

  • Will all the Gen-Fit Training programs be released on Les Mills+ first?

No, in fact our next program will be available to you first before Les Mills+. Gen-Fit Training is designed to react to customer needs, and sometimes this may require broader customer feedback by validating the program on Les Mills+ first.

  • I did not hear about Les Mills Strength Development bootcamp. How can I put my hand up for some of the other Gen-Fit Training formats?

We’re innovating at a fast pace so may not always have time to lead a bootcamp audition. If you want to be considered for a future bootcamp, make sure your Training Manager is aware of your interest and any non-Les Mills certifications you may hold (e.g. Yoga training, mat Pilates, previous experience with track and field etc.).

  • What is a ‘Box Set’?

Box Set refers to all the tools you’ll need to teach your Gen-Fit Training program. Unlike other programs which can take time to build up a library of workouts and that have new workouts produced every quarter, box sets come complete with a full suite of releases. These are individual to each instructor and can’t be transferred to other Instructors.


  • What is Strength Development?

Strength Development is a series of 12 workouts designed to build strength in science-backed phases. Perfect for those who regularly lift, and those who are just starting out, Strength Development is all about building confidence while lifting weights. Designed to be paired with the latest tracks and featuring moves that are not in time with the beat, this is a whole new style of training. It will attract plenty of new faces, giving you a great opportunity to build new fans and encourage them to your other classes.

  • How will training for Strength Development work?

For Strength Development, if you are an existing BODYPUMP™, LES MILLS GRIT™, LES MILLS CORE™ or LES MILLS TONE™ Instructor you simply need to complete a four-hour online training followed by a basic assessment.

For Instructors who are not trained in these programs (including PTs), we’re working on training options to help them learn the fundamentals of strength training (plus an introduction to Les Mills if required). We want to ensure the training supports and sets up our instructors for success, so they feel confident teaching Strength Development.

  • Can I become a Strength Development Instructor now?

After we run our pilot test in a few facilities in the US and UK, we will be promoting Strength Development to all Instructors next year (read above for details on the training requirements). You can expect to see it promoted in INSIDER when it is available in your region.

  • How much will the Strength Development Box Set cost?

We are currently testing with customers to ensure that the pricing is easy and accessible for you.

  • Why should I get certified in Strength Development if I’m already a BODYPUMP Instructor?

BODYPUMP™ is a cornerstone strength-building program based on a proven formula of high rep strength training to build strength endurance. Strength Development is a great compliment. It has a hypertrophy muscle-building focus and helps to fine-tune your lifting technique. Being trained in Strength Development will help you connect with more members, score new fans, and is the perfect opportunity to promote your other classes.

  • If I already know how to teach strength training, why is it important to be certified in Strength Development and purchase the Box Set?

We're here to support you by designing safe and effective programs that take the guess work out of instructing. It means that you can focus on doing what you love - connecting with members and filling classes.

During the training you’ll build on your current experience and learn language designed specifically for this program – it ensures a consistent experience for members and makes it easy to follow whether it’s you or a fellow Instructor teaching the class.

  • For how long can I teach Strength Development?

We are currently testing with customers to help shape what this will look like.

  • How often will new Strength Development Box Sets be released?

This is dependent on customer needs – any Gen-Fit Training could have refreshed releases developed if needed.

  • When will we retire Strength Development?

This is also dependent on club and customer needs, and we will keep all Instructors updated with any changes to Gen-Fit Training.

  • Where can I teach Strength Development?

Gen-Fit Training is all about bringing innovation and excitement to studios in a way that’s fast and easy to implement, including training and certifying Instructors. To teach Strength Development you’ll need to be associated with a club partner who is implementing the program.

  • What weights do I use in a Strength Development class?

You need weights for Strength Development – and the more you have the better. Using the SMARTBAR™ is ideal because with the gator technology and ergonomic hand weights is super easy to quickly add weight in small doses and gradually build weight for maximum gains.

  • Can I get a discount on smart tech or buy a Strength Development weights bundle?

The team are working on how we can make smart tech even more accessible to you. Stay tuned!

  • Why do the Strength Development workouts have to run in order?

The 12 workouts have been carefully designed by a team of strength experts, physios, and trainers to build strength in phases based on strength and conditioning science. When you move through these workouts in the correct order you will safely and effectively maximize the gains.

  • How can I promote my Strength Development class?

As a partner of Les Mills, you’ll have access to marketing assets to help promote your classes. Social media tiles, class pass designs and more are available on Marketing Studio for you to download.

  • Why has Strength Development been available on LES MILLS+ but not live in clubs until now?

The addition of Strength Development on LES MILLS+ is paving the way for the launch of live Strength Development workouts in clubs. We’re excited to bring this new approach to the rest of our global community after testing it with our online customers!