Exciting changes are on the way to save you money and help fill your classes

The popularity of HIIT is continuing to soar as more and more members are realizing the benefits of this type of training. To keep up in this highly competitive space, we are evolving LES MILLS GRIT™ to make it even easier for you to learn and teach, so you can maximise the experience for your participants. The best news of all is that you’ll now receive more content AND save money as the release is now even more affordable.

What is changing and why?

From 2019 you will purchase one LES MILLS GRIT release which will include three different workouts: Strength, Cardio and new Athletic.

LES MILLS GRIT Plyo will be replaced by LES MILLS GRIT Athletic. We had received feedback that suggested some participants were intimidated by 30 minutes of explosive jumping. We have evolved the program to have an increased focus on athletic conditioning – meaning we will now include speed, strength, and agility in the workout, with fewer plyometric jumps.

The existing Strength and Cardio workouts remain exactly the same.

Why you’re going to love it!

This new structure makes it even easier for you to learn and teach LES MILLS GRIT, plus you get even more bang for your buck by getting three workouts in one!

You will receive:

  • One video file featuring all of the Strength, Cardio and Athletic content
  • One set of choreography notes covering all of the workout options
  • All of the tracks for all workout options – so you can easily put your playlist together

This release will now be priced at the standard price (so it will be the same as the BODYPUMP release price) making it more affordable - always great news!


Why has this changed?

To reduce the cost the release and to cater to the needs of a wider demographic.

When will this change be implemented?

The new LES MILLS GRIT programming will be filmed in China on October 21 for release in early 2019.

You will see these changes from LES MILLS GRIT 28 onwards.

Why has the name changed from Plyo to Athletic?

We had received feedback that suggested some participants were intimidated by 30 minutes of explosive jumping. We have evolved the program to have an increased focus on agility and 3D movement patterns, with fewer plyometric jumps.

As a result, the term Plyo is no longer a clear representation of the program. We also had feedback that “Plyo” is not a meaningful term to anyone not familiar with plyometric training; the term “Athletic” has a clearer meaning for people.

What does ‘Athletic’ mean?

Athletic refers to total athletic conditioning – incorporating all of the training modalities that enhance athletic performance: speed, strength, agility, and explosive power.

What specifically is different between Plyo and Athletic?

Athletic has a wider variety of moves and training modalities – it is not purely focused on explosive jumping. It will now incorporate speed, strength and agility as well as plyometric movements for overall athletic conditioning. A LES MILLS GRIT Athletic class may include a SMARTBAR barbell and weight plates (release specific).

Is it still as hard?

Yes! As always, each LES MILLS GRIT release is rigorously tested by Dr Jinger Gottschall and her team to ensure it is delivering on the HIIT promise.

Have any of the other formats changed?

No. Strength and Cardio remain the same.

How do I teach the Athletic class?

This Athletic format is a filmed block of work that you can mix and match with elements of the Strength and Cardio workouts (release specific).

Will I be able to mix and match?

As usual, you will only be able to mix and match within the release as per the choreo notes.

How many workout variations will there be now?

Three variations:




Do I have to re-certify?

No. If you are certified for any current LES MILLS GRIT format, you will be automatically certified for all formats ongoing.

What does this mean for Initial Module Training?

No major changes to Initial Module Training.

Does this affect certification?

No change: assessments will still be done on Strength (as is currently the case) to certify LES MILLS GRIT Coaches across all variations.

How does this work with Quarterly Workshops?

This will be coordinated by your local Training team.

How will I buy the Release when the change happens?

You will now purchase one Release that will cover all three programs. The price of the Release will be the same as any standard Release – eg BODYPUMP.

How do I start teaching the other formats? Is there any upskill?

This will be up to your club as to how they wish to run their timetable.

No upskill is required.

Specifically, what will change on the instructor portal?

No change on the Instructor Portal (or the Releases App at this stage).

Can I still teach old releases for LES MILLS GRIT PLYO?

Of course. However, as your library of Releases increases we suggest that you start to move towards teaching LES MILL GRIT PLYO 25 onwards. These Releases reflect the new style of the Athletic training, and are more aligned with the direction of the workout.

How will LES MILLS GRIT appear on timetables?

We are recommending that clubs define whether the class is LES MILLS GRIT Strength, Cardio or Athletic.

Do you use equipment in LES MILLS GRIT Athletic?

The new Athletic format may require the use of SMARTBAR barbell and weight plates (release specific) when matched to elements of LES MILLS GRIT Strength.