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Want to have your pie and eat it too? Try these tips to prevent dusting off your fat pants.

A good defence is the best offense

Know your enemy. A mere lack of awareness could be your downfall.

When it comes to the holiday season there are two main threats:

  1. Food, which is usually “out of sight out of mind” (like fruit pies), is suddenly everywhere. Don’t let its presence be an excuse to consume. Treat yourself, but don't binge. 
  2. Time. As schedules get busier with parties, gift shopping and other social obligations, free time to exercise can be threatened.

Plan ahead

Write down your important social obligations and map out your spare time. Commit some of it to working out – even if its just a half hour (see last tip). Consider it an important health obligation, just as noteworthy as the social stuff.

The more the merrier

Choose exercises that move as many body parts as possible – burpees, squat-push-press, clean and press, overhead weighted lunges. These are called compound exercises and they burn way more calories than isolated exercises that just work one muscle at a time.

Do condensed, but intense, workouts

With the science behind HIIT (high-intensity interval training), gone is the excuse of not having time to work out. A mere half an hour can be plenty when you’re making the most of it.  

Let the turkey be the thing that looks stuffed this year and remember, it’s a holiday from your work not your health.

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