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  • What is Gen-Fit Training?

Gen-Fit Training is an innovative group fitness solution that will take your club to the next level. With a stack of new programs to meet current fitness trends, clubs can run these programs for short periods of time to bring excitement to the timetable, attract new demographics and drive growth through group fitness.

  • How are Gen-Fit Training programs different to other LES MILLS programs?

Gen-Fit Training is scientifically crafted and tested to meet the demand of younger generations. The ‘challenge-style’ programs are designed to be run for short durations at different moments throughout the year to keep the timetable exciting.

Unlike other programs which can take time to build up a library of workouts and that have new releases produced every quarter, Gen-Fit Training will supply instructors with a complete set of releases.

  • How will they help me attract younger audiences into class?

Gen-Fit Training is a whole new style of working out. They offer highly motivating fitness experiences that are designed to appeal to younger audiences through results, and strength, with music that motivates them to train. Having new or limited-time programming on your timetable gives you and your gym new ways to draw existing members into the Group Fitness room.

  • Why are we launching Gen-Fit Training programs this way?

The creation of Gen-Fit Training is our way of helping you to remain relevant in the face of tough competition and to tap into the Gen Z and Millennials (Generation Active) who make up 80% of the modern fitness market.

  • What support do I get from LES MILLS?

Each Gen-Fit program will be unique and comes with everything you need to run the program. You can purchase and run individual Gen-Fit Training programs at your facility and there are no ongoing commitments. Because each program speaks to a specific innovation, the makeup, materials, and required equipment for each program will be different.

We also want to make your instructor recruitment easy, so our Gen-Fit Training certifications have a simple and flexible process. It will take instructors roughly half a day depending on the prerequisites of each Gen-Fit Training program, meaning they can be coaching within a week!

  • How should the Gen-Fit Training programs be scheduled onto my timetable?

The programs are designed to be run for short durations on the timetable (e.g. 3-6 months at a time in any given time slot) and re-introduced at different points throughout the year – this keeps the concept fresh and helps to engage members in group fitness. The programs give you the flexibility to add and run for as long or as short as you need.

  • How long can I license each Gen-Fit Training program?

Gen-Fit programs are designed to be put on your schedule as a limited-time offering to generate both excitement and commitment for classes at your club. We’ll have more specific timelines regarding how long we’ll sell each program closer to launch.

  • Will all Gen-Fit Training programs have the same progressive style and the same number of releases?

Not necessarily. As each program speaks to a specific innovation or workout trend, each will follow a format that makes the most sense. This also means the number of releases associated with each program will differ.

  • What equipment will be required for Gen-Fit Training programs?

We want it to be straightforward to launch a Gen-Fit program, so we are focusing on developing workouts that feature group fitness equipment already found in your facility, plus equipment-free options.

  • Does this mean we will eventually have over 30 Les Mills programs? How will I choose which ones to run?

We currently have a broad offering to help you cater to all your member needs. Gen-Fit Training programs can be used as a driver to re-energize a space in your club, spot on your timetable, or attract and engage new and existing members as an acquisition or retention tool.


  • What is Les Mills Strength Development?

The first program to launch for Gen-Fit Training is Les Mills Strength Development. A progressive strength training program using weights equipment, aimed at people who want to get stronger. 12 x 45-minute workouts to advance strength training with controlled movements, functional exercises, and dynamic core work. Designed to be run for a short time on the timetable, with 12 x workouts provided all at once so you can schedule accordingly to maximize impact and results.

  • Is Les Mills Strength Development for beginners or advanced lifters?

Perfect for those who regularly lift, and those who are just starting out, Les Mills Strength Development is all about building confidence while lifting weights.

  • What weights do I need to supply in a Les Mills Strength Development class?

You need weights for Les Mills Strength Development – and the more you have the better. Using the SMARTBAR™ is ideal because with the gator technology and ergonomic hand weights is super easy to quickly add weight in small doses and gradually build weight for maximum gains.

  • Why should I buy Les Mills Strength Development when I already license BODYPUMP?

While BODYPUMP is an endurance weights workout set in time to music, Strength Development is a pure strength conditioning workout which allows you to go at your own pace. It involves strength conditioning, lifting fundamentals, muscle-building techniques, and helping users advance.

  • Do the workouts need to run in sequential order?

The 12 workouts have been carefully designed by a team of strength experts, physios, and trainers to build strength in phases based on strength and conditioning science. When you move through these workouts in the correct order you will safely and effectively maximize the gains.

  • How much does it cost to license Les Mills Strength Development?

We are currently testing with customers to ensure that the pricing (a one-off fee) is easy and accessible for you.

  • How can I find Instructors to teach Les Mills Strength Development?

Any existing BODYPUMP™, LES MILLS GRIT™, LES MILLS CORE™ or LES MILLS TONE™ Instructor can complete a four-hour online training followed by a basic assessment.

For Instructors who are not trained in these programs (including PTs), we’re working on training options to help them learn the fundamentals of strength training (plus an introduction to Les Mills if required). We want to ensure the training supports and sets up our instructors for success, so they feel confident teaching Les Mills Strength Development.

  • Why is buying a Les Mills Strength Development license better than me just running a PT-style strength course of my own?

Gen-Fit Training is scientifically tested and crafted to meet the demand of younger generations for highly-motivating fitness experiences that bring results, strength and empowerment.

*Source: Gen Z Fitness: Cracking the Code Report


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