Intense punching and kicking will get you fit, fast and strong, but that’s just the beginning. Martial arts training can do amazing things for your skin and improve your mental wellbeing, not to mention transform your body.

Your skin gets better
It’s a perk that not many people know about, but the cardio element of martial arts training can be fantastic for your complexion. Why? Because martial arts training puts a surprisingly intense demand on your cardio system (you usually don’t notice just how intense it is as you’re focus is on kicking or punching). When your cardiovascular system is working in overdrive it flushes oxygenated blood around the body and the increased blood flow helps nourish skin cells. What’s more, the increased blood flow also helps clear away waste products, helping keep your skin healthy and vibrant. So, forget expensive and time consuming skin care routines, some intense punches and kicks could be all you need.

It improves your mental wellbeing
I find that punching and kicking your way through a workout is like a mental shower, it refreshes you completely. At the end of my workout I have a whole new level of self-respect. It empowers me with belief and conviction. Whenever I feel like my day’s been unproductive I know that a kickass workout will change that – providing me with a real sense of achievement.

When I first began martial arts training (many years ago) I used to love how it made me feel badass, because feeling badass made me feel great. Now, with years of authentic training under my belt, I love the fact that it keeps me feeling sharp, agile and on top of my game.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a pro, when you embrace such empowering training you can’t help but feel positive, and as a result you see the world in a better light.

Your body transforms
It won’t just get you fitter, martial arts style training can dramatically change your body, fast! The rapid transformation is particular apparent for females. Many women have never done this martial arts training before, so it’s a real shock to the body – and it’s this shock that drives very noticeable results at a remarkable rate. I know first-hand how quickly martial arts training can shape the upper body, toning the arms, back and shoulders. And thanks to plenty of kicking the legs and butt firm up very swiftly too. There’s not any risk that your body will bulk up out of proportion – you can only get leaner, stronger and more toned.

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