The benefit of exercise spreads far beyond strengthening and toning your body. Research has found different physical activities also give you specific mental gains. Resistance training for problem solving, cardio for memory – choose your workout and you can choose your results.

Exercises can transform your body in multiple ways – and they are not all aesthetic.

New research shows different types of exercise directly effect different areas of your brain and can improve specific mental functions.

If there's something you want to work on – your ability to multi task or manage cravings – you can choose the workout that will get you those results.

Lifting weights is linked to improved complex thinking, reasoning, multi tasking and problem solving. All of which are controlled by your prefrontal cortex.

Yoga decreases levels of anxiety, fear and worry.

Cardio (also known as aerobic exercise) is linked to the hippocampus, the area of the brain that controls memory.2

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) helps regulate appetite and manage cravings; including addictions. One explanation for this is that HIIT style exercise reduces the levels of the “hunger hormone”, ghrelin1, which tells your brain that your stomach is empty.

Sports drills influence multiple parts of your brain, from your parietal lobe to your cerebellum, and have a wide variety of mental outcomes. Your spacial-awareness, attention span, and ability to transition between tasks are all stimulated and improved by performing sports drills.

Let your mind be as fit and strong as your body by choosing the workout you need to enhance your brain. Give yourself the real meaning of a full body workout by getting brain gains as well.

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