Why you need to love your rep

Whether you’re already in a love/hate relationship or thinking about making that commitment, science shows your reps are worth the work.

You’re in a BODYPUMP™ class and you might be bicep-curling 2.5kgs. You think back to the guys curling 20kgs on the gym floor and wonder why your light weights hurt so much. You can feel they’re doing something. You can even see they’re doing something. But how does so little do so much?

BODYPUMP is built on the personal experience of athletes rather than research. Lucky for us all, it’s turned out to be one in the same. If you ever wonder whether lifting light weights is doing as much as it could, science1says yes. It is proven that fatiguing your muscles is what creates results – whether you’re lifting light weights for lots of reps or heavy weights for less.

The BODYPUMP blueprint includes various manipulations of the standard rep, so you can fatigue your muscles faster, and more effectively, than ever.

The rep modifications include:

Varied rep tempo
Changing the speed of a rep forces your muscles to recruit different fiber types. Super slow tempos target the deeper fibers, known as type one fibers, while fast contractions recruit what is known as type 2 fibers.

Range manipulation
Performing half reps (also known as bottom or top halves) creates a sealing effect on the muscle and starves the muscle of oxygen by avoiding the relief you get at the top of the movement. This enables you to reach a point of fatigue faster even if you’re only using a light weight.

Sequencing targets
Targeting specific muscles allows us to selectively fatigue one group and then move onto another. This creates an overall fatigue effect as each muscle unit contributes to the general fatigued state. This also raises metabolism and continues to burn calories after the session has finished.

This is why you need to love your rep. If you’re seeing a lot of them – in all shapes and sizes – you’re going to get results. This is The Rep Effect.

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