The complete LES MILLS GRIT Series - HIIT like no other

Brand new cardio-focused workout is the third and final program to make up the revolutionary LES MILLS GRIT Series.

Release date: 10 February, 2013

Prepare to seriously up the intensity of your exercise regime, LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio is here.
This brand new cardio-focused workout is the third and final program to make up the revolutionary LES MILLS GRIT™ Series.

Designed to burnfat and rapidly improve your athletic capability, this explosive, high-impact, body weight-based workout flips between short bursts of high intensity and recovery periods – providing the high-intensity interval training that is scientifically proven to improve fitness faster than conventional training methods1.

The remarkable results of high-intensity interval training are not the only benefit this program offers. Each 30-minute LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio workout provides the motivation of a certified coach, an inspiring team setting and great music.

Like all the other LES MILLS GRIT workouts, LES MILLS GRIT Cardio offers the ultimate way to get a premium, personal training-style workout without the expensive price tag. It also goes hand-in-hand with existing training. It can be swapped in to your current workout regime instead of traditional cardio and it will intensify the results you’re already achieving from any group fitness programs.

All three of the unique LES MILLS GRIT™ workouts are now being rolled out around the world.

  • LES MILLS GRIT Strength blasts all major muscle groups using barbells, plates and the bench. Your metabolism goes into overdrive to burn fat for hours after the workout.
  • LES MILLS GRIT Plyo creates a lean, powerful, athletic body using the principles of plyometrics (power agility training). You’ll increase your speed, strength and endurance by transforming up to 40% more muscle fibre.
  • LES MILLS GRIT Cardio burns fat and rapidly improves your athletic capability. No equipment is needed for this explosive, high-impact body-weight routine.

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About Les Mills

Les Mills International Limited is the creator of 13 global group fitness and team training programs, including BODYPUMP™ (weights), BODYCOMBAT™ (martial arts), RPM™ (indoor cycling), LES MILLS GRIT™ (30-minute high intensity interval training) and the BORN TO MOVE™ series movement to music for toddlers through to teens. Every week millions build their fitness working out with Les Mills. Independent research shows that those attending LES MILLS™ classes come to their club at least two times more each week than others and 94% are likely to refer a friend.

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