Mixing Capoiera, Tae Kwon Do and the Pegboard Nerds

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When it comes to martial arts, the latest BODYCOMBAT release will help arm you with top technique (and get your heart racing). Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham, the BODYCOMBAT Program Directors, agree that track two is a highlight – find out why.

Step into a BODYCOMBAT™ 63 class and you’ll experience a fantastic combination of integrated movement patterns that will help you develop incredible martial arts technique. And it won’t just be your technique that benefits – with your heart rate pumping your calorie burn will be propelled into overtime.

In this latest release the intensity kicks in from the moment you start the class – and after a challenging nine minute warmup the second track sets the scene for what’s to come.

Track two is definitely a highlight, says Dan, who paired the thumping mega trap beats of Badboi by Pegboard Nerds with Capoiera and Tae Kwon Do based movements. “The music is packed full of trap-style percussion and energy with a splash of reggae thrown into the mix too. It’s a unique style of EDM that really gets the adrenalin going.”

Even though this track is relatively short (it’s just three minutes long), it’s super challenging. It kicks off with a powerful series of Switch Lunges that will dramatically increase the heart rate and leg load. The trick with these Capoeira-inspired Lunges is to maintain a low body position and sweep your arms for balance. Focusing on the rhythm of the music will help guide you (not to mention, take your mind off the burning feeling in your legs!).

The Lunges are followed by a 40 Roundhouse Kick KATA that will absolutely smash the legs. With this Kick KATA you strengthen the kicking leg and improve kicking ability and control. At the same time your supporting leg is becoming stronger and your improving your stability as your glute, thigh, hips and core are working hard to keep you stable. Rachael says that for anyone after results this is where it’s at, “Having to do the 40 Roundhouse Kick KATA on each leg means that you power through a phenomenal amount of kicks. It’s a challenge but the music helps propel your motivation up a notch.”

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