If you’ve got a love/hate affair with junk food, now’s the perfect time to cut it out completely – and prove to yourself that you’re not addicted to its evil ways. Follow these four simple steps and go junk free for June, and beyond.

Step one - Waken up to junk

Surprise, surprise, junk food is not the best thing for you. In fact, for many, eating non-nutritious junk is tantamount to doing drugs. Studies show that an addiction to poor food choices is a very real and very serious problem1. The root of the problem is that junk food can hijack the biochemistry of the brain and force us to lose control of our thoughts and actions – as a result we end up eating too much, and we’re unable to stop, no matter how hard we try. Only when we become aware of exactly what junk food does to our body does the urge to eat rubbish subside.

Step two – Know your junk

Sweets, fast foods, sugary drinks, processed foods, added flavors… everyone’s classification of junk food differs. When it comes to defining junk food, labels are a good place to start. Ideally choose foods that have no label at all – think fruit and vegetables, nuts, meat and the like. Or, if the food is labelled, make sure the label is short. If there’s a huge list of ingredients you don’t recognize then it’s probably something you should steer clear off.

Step three – Rid it from your home

If there’s a sweet treat sitting in your pantry, chances are every time you open the pantry doors it calls your name. The only way to resist the temptation is to get rid of it (and that doesn’t mean ingesting it). If you want to ensure success you must rid your home of rubbish. Not sure where to start? Diana Archer Mills has some great advice on how to makeover your kitchen.

Step four – Outsmart your cravings

Avoid committing snack suicide by outsmarting your cravings with smart snacks that will satisfy you for longer. Nuts and seeds aren’t the only option, follow this simple guide to healthy snacking and you’ll be set for success.

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