When Kaisa Clark first experienced BODYPUMP she didn’t know anything about the workout… and she certainly had no idea it would soon help her through some of life’s darkest moments.

It was in a small gym in Vienna, Austria that this young American first gave BODYPUMP™ a go. She had no idea what to expect and couldn’t fully comprehend the workout – it was in German. But Kaisa, pictured above with program director Glen Ostergaard, was immediately hooked. “The music, the instructor, the energy… there’s nothing like it,” she says.

Since that first fateful BODYPUMP experience Kaisa has traveled the world – and BODYPUMP has always been part of the action.

In 2008 she and her boyfriend moved to Singapore. She swiftly found a gym offering BODYPUMP classes and introduced her boyfriend to her favorite workout. “He was hooked,” she says. ”We’d compete to see who could squat or lift more.”

The following year Kaisa’s boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer, and it left him immobile from the waist down. “I kept up with my training, and worked twice as hard because he couldn’t. I had to be strong – outside, and in.”

After seven weeks Kaisa’s boyfriend died from complications associated with his illness. “I left Singapore, our home and the life we built,” she says. “That first year, I was a wreck.”

Once she’d moved back to Vienna one of the first things Kaisa did was reinstate her gym membership. “For months, I only got up for the gym. I had nothing else. BODYPUMP held me steady. It was my safe place, and was a special memory I had of doing something my boyfriend and I loved.”

In 2012 Kaisa moved back to Massachusetts and a few years later a friend who was opening a new gym asked if she was keen to become a BODYPUMP instructor. “I was flattered, but intimidated. I knew what the class meant to me and I was worried I might not succeed.” There were a lot of nerves and emotions, but Kaisa nailed it. She is now a certified instructor who teaches at Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center in Westfield, Massachusetts.

“I love it. After a class finishes there’s a collective feeling of success and happiness. It’s just awesome.”

Kaisa’s passion for BODYPUMP became even stronger when, after sharing her story with Les Mills, she was invited to Auckland, New Zealand to celebrate the filming of the workout’s 100th release in August 2016.