When a car crash left her near dead, Lindsey Rae embraced her passion for BODYPUMP to bring her back to her strong self again.

After her first BODYPUMP™ class Lindsey Rae was unable to sit for a week, but that didn’t put her off!

Lindsey says she instantly knew it was special and began exploring how she could become an instructor. “I became hooked. It was a way of strengthening my body like never before.” It didn’t take long for her body to transform into a strong, fighting machine and once she became a certified instructor, she loved helping and inspiring others.

But on January 24, 2015, Lindsey’s workouts were abruptly interrupted. Thanks to another driver’s recklessness Lindsey was almost killed in a head-on collision. She was unconscious for four days and left with 18 fractures including her fibula, pelvis, ribs, ulna, humerus, five vertebrae, a disconnected sacrum, and a lacerated liver.

Lindsey underwent 17 hours of surgeries to repair her injuries and a multitude of metal plates and screws were added to her broken body. She couldn't walk for three months.

Did it stop her? Hardly! Lindsey proudly says she punched death right in the face – and it was BODYPUMP that helped her do it. While stuck in bed she did upper body tracks from the newest release (it was release 93) and when she was able to walk again she did squats, lunges and clean and presses.

Doctors said that it was Lindsey’s overall strength that saved her spine from snapping and she attributes this strength to the Les Mills workouts she teaches – BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT™ and CXWORX™.

“I was a regular Bodypumper and I know it kept me alive and brought me back to my strong self again.”