A three day fitness experience like no other

The atmosphere was buzzing, the music was pumping and the enthusiasm was beyond belief as thousands of fitness fans converged for Auckland's biggest round of Les Mills filming yet.

Every quarter Les Mills instructors and fans from all over the globe congregate in Auckland to be part of the Masterclass filming. This is when we take a team of our rockstar trainers and film a new release, featuring fresh music and moves, for each of our 13 programs.

It’s always a vibrant and busy few days – and this round we took it to a whole new level.

This latest round of filming kicked off on Monday 3 November and was held in a brand new ‘one-off’ venue, Auckland’s massive Viaduct Events Centre. With a bigger venue came bigger classes – there were hundreds of fitness fans who booked in advance to secure a chance to experience the very latest from Les Mills. The big numbers weren’t just on the floor, this round we had a record number of presenters on stage too.

The filming coincided with the Les Mills Asia Pacific Training Summit which brought a large tribe of international instructors to the same venue. These instructors spent an intensive three days growing their teaching talents while learning about all things Les Mills, and experiencing the magic of Masterclass filming along the way. One of the Training Summit’s biggest highlights had to be a presentation by Les Mills Sr – the man who started it all back in 1968 provided a great reminder of Les Mills’ heritage.

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