Right now it's all about that bubble – think Kim K, Beyonce and Rihanna. Butts are in! If you’re serious about getting great glutes, squats will make it happen.

1. Factor in a daily dose of squats

When it comes to butt workouts squats are perfect. They tone your glutes and legs, plus they give us functional strength – meaning they improve our ability to carry out everyday activities like climbing stairs, running, and biking.

2. Any weight will work

You don’t need heavy weights to burn fat and strengthen muscles in a great glute workout. Squats with just your body weight will get results, but adding extra resistance makes every squat more valuable as you teach your body to work that little bit harder. You can take glute workouts to the next level, benefiting both your heart and your muscles, by adding light weights. Research led by Dr Jinger Gottschall at Penn State University has shown that you actually burn more calories when lifting lighter weights for more repetitions compared to lifting heavier weights for a few reps.

3. Move to music

Music is motivation, and a metronome, so find a great piece of music at around 120 beats per minute and squat in time for a great butt workout. The speed of your movement is all part of the energy expenditure equation that you need to get right. BODYPUMP™ is great example of how music can motivate and keep your squats at an appropriate tempo which will help you achieve maximum results.

4. Technique is key

For a real glute workout, make sure you squat until the inside of your knee forms a right angle. Imagine you are sitting down onto a chair and as you touch the seat push yourself back up again. As you come up, think of driving from your heels, rather than leaning forward to push from your toes. If you really want to target your glutes, start with your feet outside your hips and then pivot your heel and then toe to take the squat wider. Squatting with your feet wider apart recruits the muscles in your butt even more.

5. Brace yourself

Switch on your core every time you squat so your upper back is supported and your butt is forced to do the work. This will also create a great conditioning workout for your core and back!

6. Don’t go overboard

When it comes to squats, twenty is plenty (until you can handle dirty thirties!) Choose a weight that enables you to uncomfortably complete three to four sets of twenty repetitions with a 30-second rest in between each set. When you've got that, challenge yourself to dirty thirties and do three to four sets of 30 repetitions. Why dirty? You're going to want to shower when you're done!

Squats are one of the best ways to get strong, sexy glutes. Add light weights, lots of repetitions, music for timing and motivation, and you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful butt. BODYPUMP™ makes getting your squat fix easy.

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