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Post workout nutrition - the power of the shake

After we workout, we obviously need to refuel. It helps you recover faster with less pain, improves immune function, bone mass and ability to burn body fat. It also stops your body from eating your muscles. Check out our tips for how to maximize your recovery and your results.

When should you eat?

There's an ideal window of opportunity to refuel, and that's within half an hour after you workout.

What should you eat?

Whole meals take time to prepare, time to eat and time to digest. So why not take the easy route and go with the gym-bunny special... the protein shake?

How much should you eat?

You'll need to do some math if you're lean and want to improve strength - 1.2-1.5g per kg of your body weight of high quality protein supplement (preferably with a protein to carb ratio of 3:1 or 4:1, and add amino acids (up to 40g after a heavy lift).

And if you want to lose weight, avoid the carbs and just have 20g protein powder with water after you train.

Another little tip is to avoid caffeine after you workout as this can slow recovery!

So try the shakes after you train, and see how much faster you recover.

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