Nicoise Salad

This tuna niçoise salad might (vitamin) B the best salad you’ve ever had. Low in the bad fats and high in the good ones, tuna is full of nutrients and loaded with B-vitamins. Do your body, and your taste buds, a favor and give this dish a go.

Nicoise Salad Recipe

4 Tuna Fillets

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

4 Eggs

2 Tomatoes, sliced

200g Green Beans, trimmed

1/2 Cup Kalamata Olives

1/4 Cup Flat Leaf Parsley Leaves

2 large handfuls of Baby Spinach

8 Anchovy Fillets

2 Lemons

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Sprinkle sea salt and fresh black pepper over both sides of the tuna fillets, and place to one side.

Bring a pot of water to the boil and gently lower in the eggs, for soft-boiled eggs cook for 6 minutes. While the eggs are boiling, place a steamer over the pot and lightly steam the green beans for approximately two minutes. Once the beans are cooked refresh under cold water and place to one side. Remove the eggs, and when cool enough to handle gently remove the shells and cut each egg in half.

Heat the olive oil in a heavy based frying pan over a high heat. When the oil is nice and hot sear the tuna for approximately one minute, then turn and repeat on the other side. Remove the tuna from the pan and leave to rest while you assemble the salad.

In a large salad bowl combine the baby spinach leaves, tomatoes, parsley leaves, olives and the steamed green beans. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and a good squeeze of lemon juice, season with sea salt and pepper and gently fold the salad together.

Slice the tuna into thin strips and add to the salad.

Assemble the salad onto plates, and place two egg halves on each plate along with two anchovy fillets across the top of the salad.

Serves 4.

Get the Best of the B’s with Tuna

Vitamin B’s play an essential role in helping your body break down fats and proteins, converting them into an energy your body can use. Tuna is packed with B vitamins. Specifically B3, B12 and B6.

B3 boosts your body’s good cholesterol (also known as HDL). This HDL is what hunts down and removes bad cholesterol, protecting you from heart attacks and strokes.

B12 is essential in the production of your body’s red blood cells. It also works to prevent you from a certain type of anemia that can make you feel tired and weak.

B6 is an all-rounder. Helping your cardiovascular health, immune system, digestion, brain function, hormone production and making sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep... B6 is basically an over achiever.

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