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Yes, BODYCOMBAT is a martial-arts inspired workout. No, BODYCOMBAT classes are not jam-packed with ninja-loving warriors. There’s no need for boxing wraps or gloves and you can steer clear of Jackie Chan style bandanas. In fact, you don’t need anything special to get fighting fit with this non-contact workout. Here’s all you need to know.

When you front up to a BODYCOMBAT™ class, bring a towel and some water, and get ready to listen to your instructor. You’ll soon be hooked on the benefits of BODYCOMBAT.

In a 55-minute BODYCOMBAT workout there are ten tracks. If you are new don’t feel the need to push yourself through every track. Simply do the first few tracks and then leave the class. Next time do a few more tracks and work towards staying for the complete workout as your fitness builds.

BODYCOMBAT is an interval training based program, so some tracks are tougher than others. That means as soon as you get that ‘oh my god I can’t do this anymore’ feeling… Boom, you get a breather!

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

The workout kicks off with an energizing warmup. Not only will this get the blood pumping through your upper and lower body, it will teach you all of the moves that will feature later in the workout.

For the next five tracks you alternate one combat training track followed by one power training track. The combat training tracks typically feature a combination of kicks, strikes and punches and are designed to build muscular endurance. The power training tracks are made up of simple boxing jabs, hooks and upper cuts. The intensity of these tracks will propel your heart rate through the roof.

Track number seven is the Muay Thai track. Here you’ll be coached through combinations of knee repeaters, punches and strikes. You’ll work both the upper and lower body and really build cardio endurance.

The intensity peaks with track 8, the final power training track. With an epic soundtrack setting a relentless pace this is when you’ll box your way to the finish line.

You’ll wrap up your BODYCOMBAT experience with a core conditioning track and cooldown. This gives you plenty of time to capture your breath – and ensure you walk away from your workout feeling fit, fast and strong. If you’re ready to give BODYCOMBAT a go find a class, or get 24/7 unlimited access to LES MILLS On Demand and do a 30-minute BODYCOMBAT workout at home.


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