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The secret to happy children is to let the monkeys loose... and the elephants, clowns and tightrope walkers. Sweden’s Olympen School and Kindergarten did just that when they showcased BORN TO MOVE across two Kidz Days in January 2016.

During the open days children and teachers got to try numerous tracks from BORN TO MOVE™, and parents got to see the fun first hand. Children danced their way through an imaginary school setting, drew shapes in the air as they learned geometry, and put their imaginations into overdrive pretending to be stomping elephants, playful monkeys, circus clowns, tightrope walkers and more. Everyone was bubbling with excitement.

Olympen has been working with Les Mills to fuel children’s love of physical activity for some time. Over the last year a number Olympen employees have trained to become BORN TO MOVE teachers and they now offer regular BORN TO MOVE sessions during school hours. Held across both preschool and elementary school level, these regular sessions fit perfectly with Olympen’s commitment to Pedagogy in Motion, which means students have scheduled periods of motion during learning time and leisure.

Recognizing the value of regular movement to music and how it complements wider learning, Olympen are now working to integrate dance and movement with the rest of its teaching. They have employed dancer, Sofia Kristoffersson, to lead dance sessions and participate in the teaching of the theory.

According to Sofia teaming up with Les Mills to offer BORN TO MOVE was an obvious option. Not only are BORN TO MOVE programs well suited for a range of age groups, the fact that they are changed three times a year means there is little chance of boredom seeping in. Sofia believes the structured yet fun physical activity is a great way to let children experience rhythm and different tempos while exploring the dynamics of the body and learning about the power of different movement patterns.

Staging the Kidz Days event was perfect way to showcase how much children love moving to music, and get plenty of parents on the BORN TO MOVE bandwagon too. It wasn’t just children letting their imaginations run wild, parents were bouncing around pretending to be horses, turtles and more!

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