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A new spin on after-school activity is proving to be a hit with pupils, and their parents.

When the passionate BORN TO MOVE™ team from Kings Premier Health Club in Guernsey offered students at Vale Primary School the chance to experience three BORN TO MOVE classes it went down a treat. Children loved the experience and parents could instantly see the value, so a regular BORN TO MOVE after-school club was established. Now, every Wednesday afternoon, BORN TO MOVE sessions are held at the school as an alternative to the more traditional netball and football activities.

The BORN TO MOVE sessions have quickly gained a loyal following and it’s clear that the students love the fresh approach to fitness, so the school decided to invite parents along to experience the buzz.

Chantelle Gontier attended the session with her son, Damon Ozard, 7. She said Damon had loved attending, so it was great that she could come along and see what it was all about. “It’s nice for them to do something active and it’s good for their confidence.” Damon said he enjoyed the sessions. “It’s really fun and I like it because it is dancing,” he said.

Sharon Collenette joined her son Adam, 6. “He does a lot of sport anyway but this covers all bases,” she said. “He’s thoroughly enjoyed it – every time he has come back he has been bouncing off the ceiling.” She said her memories of doing physical activity at school were a lot different. “This is just brilliant!”

Deputy Head teacher Pauline Mills said the decision to offer BORN TO MOVE came from wanting to offer children something that fostered physical activity but was different to competitive team games.

“We consulted the parents and sent letters out asking if they would be interested and we had a positive response,” she said. She adds that since the sessions kicked off the children have provided really good feedback and it seems to be popular.

Zoe Blake is the BORN TO MOVE instructor from Kings Premier Health Club who visits the school to deliver the weekly sessions. She believes it’s a hit because the variety of activity that the children do. “The combination of dance, general fitness activities and coordination skills is really engaging and appeals to such a wide range of children.

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