In some communities children already live active lifestyles, and their parents are kept busy with activity-packed schedules. Programs like BORN TO MOVE can still play an important role in nurturing an early love of movement.

When Guernsey’s Kings Premier Health Club decided to launch BORN TO MOVE™, they didn’t want to simply throw another activity option into the mix. Rather than compete against popular local activities like surfing, football, hockey and dancing, they took a position with BORN TO MOVE as the ideal complement to traditional sports activities.

Just a few months down the track and the classes are a hit with the area’s sport-loving children. They’re also drawing in a collection of not-so-sporty children – those who enjoy physical activity but may not be interested in the competitive nature of other sports.

Zoe Blake, Kate Kellaway and Dave Hyett, the Kings Club’s BORN TO MOVE instructors, are pouring their hearts into getting classes off the ground. They explain here what they are doing to build loyalty and embed the classes as a regular weekly activity.

Letting the classes speak for themselves: We first launched during the holiday period, when children were having a break from traditional sports. We held back-to-back taster classes for two weekends in a row. It was hard work, but a great way to get people to experience the magic. Now parents who’ve seen the classes are telling other parents and children are bringing along their friends.

Choosing the right messages for the market: One of our main messages is that BORN TO MOVE will support children’s physical abilities across the board (it can improve their football skills, help with their swimming etc.). We back this up with information about how a variety of regular physical activity is important for children’s all-around development.

Spreading the word: We post daily on our club’s dedicated Facebook page, Born To Move Guernsey, and have new followers joining us in every day (we’re up to 300 likes now). Lots of new bookings come via our Facebook page and many parents leave comments and share our posts across their own pages.

Creating a unique space: We’re lucky enough to have a special children’s area that’s away from the rest of the health club. This is a place where the children are encouraged to connect with each other before and after the classes, they create artwork showing why they love BORN TO MOVE and their pictures are put on the wall. It’s a place that they’ve made their own, it’s where they feel comfortable and one of the reasons they keep coming back.

Thinking outside the square: Birthday parties are proving to be a great way to expose BORN TO MOVE to new parents, they’re loads of fun and the energy is off the scale! Teaming up with our on-site café we offer the complete 1.5 hour party solution – room hire, catering and amazing kids programming. Popping a half price class flyer in the party bags is a great way to get party attendees along to regular classes. We also sent a video showing BORN TO MOVE classes in action at the club to local schools. There was lots of interest, two schools now pay for us to teach regular classes and we’re exploring using BORN TO MOVE for an after school club that parents would pay for. In the next few weeks we’re hosting a Halloween party and we’re taking BORN TO MOVE to a local charity event, which will be a fantastic marketing opportunity. We’re also looking into running BORN TO MOVE sessions at corporate Christmas parties.

Feeding off each other: It’s busy and there are lots of challenges, but we never feel alone. Every day we’re sharing new ideas with each other and we connect with other BORN TO MOVE instructors any chance we get (the BORN TO MOVE instructor Facebook group is great for this.) We encourage everyone from across our facility to come watch the classes. It creates real momentum and energy and it means we’re all working together to promote BORN TO MOVE at every opportunity.

We’re the only local club that offers BORN TO MOVE and we’re going to make it massive!

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