Gifts to get young people moving this Christmas

The ultimate gift guide for those looking to inspire a life-long love of activity.

Scratch traditional toys and games from your Christmas shopping list. This year give youngsters something that they’ll benefit from for years to come – a love of being active.

There are loads of great activity-based presents that children will love to find under the Christmas tree. Check out these novel gift ideas for some inspiration:


Give vouchers for activities
Mini golf, bowling and skating are all examples of activities that young people love. Not only are they fun, they are a great chance for children and adults to spend time together – something that young children really enjoy.

Gift them a membership
Getting out and about exploring zoos, aquariums, museums, wildlife parks is something that children love, but costly entrance fees means many families can’t visit them as much as they would like. An annual membership makes it easy for young people to get active discovering these attractions whenever they like.

Choose music
Music is one of the number one ways to get children moving – and they love it! By giving music vouchers (or concert tickets) you can help fuel their love of music. Once you arm them with their favorite music you can encourage them to choreograph their own moves, hone their singing talents or even stage their own show.

Go for outdoor toys
Bikes, balls, skateboards and scooters aren’t the only options. For kids who like sports, mini soccer goals or basketball hoops are also ideal. For those not into traditional sports, outdoor toys such as kites can be a hit, and fishing gear or gardening equipment is also always popular.

Enrol them in a class
Go for something specific like music, dance, gymnastics or soccer. Or choose fun classes that feature a load of different activities, such as BORN TO MOVE. Getting children to try different classes is a great way to nurture their interests. If you think that they might be too shy to go on their own you can always get a double pass so they can take a friend – after all everything’s more fun with friends.

Keep these ideas front of mind and you’ll be able to help fuel a life-long love of activity – steering clear of toy shops’ Christmas ‘must haves’, but still giving your wee loved ones something cool to unwrap on Christmas morning.

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