WE DID IT! On November 18 we were part of the fitness world’s biggest one day event to help bring safe water to the most vulnerable children in East Africa. But it isn’t over yet! We’re fundraising for UNICEF Workout for Water up until December 5 2017, so get involved and keep donating and raising money to save lives.


Clean water. It’s fundamental to our survival. Yet 2.1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to it...

For every Move the World workout we're encouraging you, your Instructors and participants to raise USD $414 which is the cost to build a water pump in East Africa. Just one of these pumps can bring clean, safe drinking water to an entire community.

Find out more about our partnership with UNICEF here.


On 18 November, your Instructors can turn any (or all!) of your Les Mills classes into a Workout for Water.

There will be a new track and new moves for them to incorporate into each routine. The workouts will represent the average journey to collect clean, safe drinking water in East Africa.

Your role is to host a Workout for Water event and, alongside your Instructors, raise awareness and fundraise for your event.

All the resources and information to run a successful event can be found in your toolkit. This includes a campaign calendar, marketing materials to decorate your club and online tools to help raise awareness. For more information visit our FAQs.

Let’s workout for water


Every Club and Instructor can create their own personalised fundraising page .

As a Club or Facility you may want to create a group fundraising page for everyone to use, or you could ask your Instructors to create a page for each class. Make sure you let your Instructors know how you'd like to fundraise.



Your Instructors will be key to making this event a success. Ensure you engage them early and support each other to raise awareness and fundraise.

Instructors also have a toolkit to support them which you can download.


Why get involved?