Reset your body to healthier habits with LES MILLS On Demand’s 21 Day Challenge

This is not an ordinary diet.

The LES MILLS 21 Day Challenge is a quick way to reset your body to healthier eating patterns. It’s a safe and effective exercise and eating program that will help you:

  • reduce body fat and waist size,
  • reset your body’s food cravings, and
  • set you up with healthy habits for the long term.

Interested in completing the 21 Day Challenge? Download the guides here.



What will you eat?

You will eat five to six meals a day, each anchored with a serving of lean animal protein. You'll enjoy a serving of essential fats, such as avocado, olive oil, or nuts and seeds, with a healthy heaping serving of colorful vegetables. After your workouts, you will have a protein shake to build lean muscle.

What exercises will you do?

We will challenge you to do 5-6 hours of exercise a week: cardio, strength, core training and flexibility. This schedule will keep you on track to trim your waist, build muscle and improve your fitness level.

How will you stay motivated?

Our LES MILLS experts will provide you with great tips and encouragement via weekly emails. And you'll have the support of others who have completed the challenge before -- you can see their progress with #LM21day.

Can I use LES MILLS On Demand during the 21 Day Challenge?

Of course! Choose from strength training with BODYPUMP, cardio with BODYCOMBAT and if you're up for it: high-intensity interval training with LES MILLS GRIT. If you're not a subscriber, you can try the workouts free for 10 days.