Revolutionizing the way you learn releases

Before you use the new Releases app, we've put together some handy tips to help you get started. It's important to read these before you start. 

How will I use the app?

  • We think you’ll find the app really easy to use. Here’s a quick video to show you – LINK FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL
  • The video player has all the great features you love.  Here’s how to use them. – LINK FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL

Can I use the app to teach?

  • You can use the app teach whole releases if you like!
  • We recommend you download the music for offline play
  • If you want to make, mix and match playlists download the music from the portal as always

What if I have issues?

  • Just get in touch with us at (NORDIC EMAIL ADDRESS)

Anything else?

  • This version of the app is all about helping you LEARN your releases better and faster and we think you’ll love it. 
  • It also gives us the platform to keep getting better so look for new features to come in the future, so look for things like making playlists and special play-modes in the next big version of the app.
  • After launch we’ll send a survey around to find out what you think and get your ideas.