Here you will find everything you need to know about your CX Toolkit.

We have created a series of instructional videos showing you how it can be used along with detailed information about how it works.

What is the CX Toolkit?

It is designed and developed to meet the needs of our CX teams around the world for their meetings with prospects or partners.

What is it for and when should you use it?

It’s here to assist you in meetings with prospects or partners, whether you are helping a club understand the ROI of LES MILLS VIRTUAL, or keeping you on point with a Partnership Review.

The CX Toolkit is not a substitute for Salesforce but a ways to collect and transfer meaningful data you can refer to later in Salesforce.

Who should use the CX Toolkit?

The CX Toolkit is for Les Mills staff only to use in prospect or partner conversations. This is not designed for a prospect or partner to be using on their own.





How to add clubs so tool data can be added to their records.




Overview of each tool and how it works.

Roadmap to a Fitter Business Overview



How to push the club information and tool data to Salesforce.




Find the answer to frequently asked questions about the CX Toolkit.


How do I install the CX Toolkit?

You can access the English version without installing it via however you also have the option to install this to your chosen device as a standalone app.


  • When you first visit the CX Toolkit using Chrome you will see a plus icon next to the link.
  • Click on the plus icon and you will be asked if you want to install the app.
  • Click install and it will be added to your desktop which you can access instead of opening a new tab or browser.

iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

  • When visiting the CX Toolkit using Safari you will see a share button, tap on it and you will be presented with a list of options
  • Tap on ‘Add to Home Screen’ and tap ‘Add’ to confirm
  • This will make the CX Toolkit appear as a standalone app on your iOS device.

Android devices

  • When visiting the CX Toolkit using Chrome you will see box at the bottom that says “Add CX Toolkit to Home Screen”
  • Tap on this and a box will display confirming. Tap on ‘Add’ you will be prompted to confirm once more.
  • This will make the CX Toolkit appear as a standalone app on your Android device.

How do I uninstall the CX Toolkit?

This varies per device however if you have installed it on your phone or tablet you can uninstall it like any other app on your device. On desktop or laptop, simply right click the CX Toolkit icon and delete. If you haven’t installed the CX Toolkit but visited it on your browser, you can also ‘uninstall’ which removes all saved information by clearing your browser history.


What device & browser can I use?

iOS (iPhone/iPad): Safari 12 or greater
Android (tablet/phone): Chrome 79 or greater
Windows Laptop/PC: Chrome 79 or greater
Apple OS laptop/desktop: Chrome 79 or greater

Can I use it on multiple devices?

You may install it on multiple devices however when you add information on a device it does not sync or become available on other devices.

How does offline work?

When you initially load the CX Toolkit this will be saved to your browser, this will allow you to use the CX Toolkit as normal with no internet access. Once you have online access again you can then send the club information to Salesforce.

What currency and unit of measurement is available?

For the English version, at this stage - $USD and imperial system is available as well as £GBP, €EUR and metric. Additional other currencies may be added in the future.

How many club records can I have in the CX Toolkit?

The limit is currently 10 club records. We recommend you submit your records to Salesforce as soon as possible once you have finished as the CX Toolkit is not intended to store data long term or replace day to day use of Salesfoce.

Can I edit the club customers details?

The CX Toolkit is designed so that you can add a new club, update or edit their details, submit their details to Salesforce or delete their details from the Toolkit.

Do all the tools need to be used?

You can use any of the five tools available within the CX Toolkit and you don’t need to use all of them. Only the ones that are applicable when you are meeting the club customer.

What are the tool calculations based on?

The tools were built based on the previous iPad Sales App. Please check with Carl McCartney if you would like to know more about the calculations.

Can the club customer receive their tool results?

Yes, upon use of each tool you have the option to email results to the Club Customer to review. This will be sent once you do a final submission which sends the data to Salesforce.

Can I personalize the club customer email?

Yes, simply put your personal account as the club customer account and send the email to yourself to adjust as you wish.


How can I find the activity in Salesforce?

Once you submit the club details in the CX Toolkit you will receive an email with a link to find it in Salesforce.

What is sent to Salesforce?

The club customer details you submit in the ‘add club’ section along with any tools used while a club is selected.

How does this appear in Salesforce?

An activity will be raised against the email address of the club customer. The activity comment will have all the information you submitted from the individual tools.

How does a new lead appear in Salesforce?

The CX Toolkit isn’t designed with leads in mind. We recommend that you ensure that the partner or prospect information is up to date in Salesforce prior to meeting so you are matching the sync on the correct email address. If for any reason the email used does not match an existing account in Salesforce the following will happen:

  • A new lead in Salesforce will be created
  • First name, last name, role, phone number, country (or state where needed), zipcode or post code, email will be populated in the relevant areas of Salesforce
  • To view customer and form data go to ‘Task Detail > Task information > Comment’
  • It will appear as an Open activity/task and can be found under the Lead / Account details

How does an existing account appear in Salesforce?

  • We do not override existing information
  • All form fields including name etc. + data from the form will appear in Task Detail > Task information > Comment
  • It will appear as an Open activity/task and can be found under the Lead / Account details+

Can I retrieve an existing record from Salesforce to use?

Currently the connection between the CX Toolkit and Salesforce is one way. We are looking at introducing support to allow access to existing records in Salesforce in the future.

Why can’t I find the activity in Salesforce?

The activity will be based on the email address of the club customer you submitted so search for this first. Please note the activity can take up to two hours for this to appear in Salesforce.


There is video content that I think is missing who do I advise?

In first instance email Byron Madigan who will be able to liaise with the team to see what options there are.

There are PDFs that could be added, who can help?

In first instance email Byron Madigan who will be able to liaise with the team to see what options there are.

Can I add my own presentation / documents to the CX Toolkit?

The CX Toolkit is centrally managed from a resource point of view. If you have a specific presentation created for a club customer we recommend you display it as normal outside of the CX Toolkit on your device.


Get in touch with Elinor Quayle or Byron Madigan and they can help.