Has your club got what it takes to win the GRIT Champs?

Want to retain more members during off-peak season?

...GRIT Champs is the answer!

Les Mills is launching our first nationwide GRIT Champs – an initiative which helps clubs to engage their members and Instructors through LES MILLS GRIT inspired team challenges.

What is GRIT Champs?

GRIT Champs is a competition in which teams of 4 complete GRIT inspired challenges in the fastest time. It's an initiative which helps clubs to engage their members and Instructors, with the chance to compete for national glory at Les Mills Tribal Gathering in London on 17th November 2019!

Specifications of the exercises and challenge can be found in the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

What are the exercises?

Why should your club take part?

Increase member engagement
Retain more members over the off-peak season
Increase the awareness of GRIT within your club
Compete for national glory at our Tribal Gathering in London on 17th November 2019!

Who Can Enter?

Mixed Gender teams of 4
At least 1 Les Mills Instructor per team
Clubs need to enter the teams, not the individuals, and Clubs need to hold an active GRIT license. All details on the exercises involved can be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

What do you win?

As well as taking the title of nationwide GRIT Champs, the winning team will each receive:

A Les Mills Initial Module Training (RP £425)

A Les Mills Goody bag (RRP £60)
A £50 Reebok Voucher
A Pulse Roll (RRP £100)

Les Mills On Demand 3-Month Membership (RRP £35.85)
and of course... The GRIT Champs trophy! (Priceless)

Total prize amount £700 per person!

How to enter!

To enter a team just email the following details to LMUK.Gritchamps@lesmills.com and we will be in touch! The deadline to submit a team is midnight on 16th September 2019.

Club name
Contact Name
Contact Phone Number
Contact Email Address

Number of teams you would like to enter
Team Members (if organised)

Nuffield Health GRIT Champs Case Study

"GRIT Champs ultimately built camaraderie and cohesion to all involved: members, staff, clubs and regions. Following the success of our first GRIT Champs, we foresee this partnership being a reoccurring event to enhance and align both our brand positioning and values"

- Charlie Banfield, National Commercial Manager, Nuffield Health

What is the entry criteria?

Each team must comprise of 4 x individuals.

Mixed gender: either 2x male & 2 x female, 3x male and 1 x female or 3x female and 1x male

At least one Les Mills Instructor per team (can be certified in any Les Mills Programme)

At least 2x non-Instructors per team

Clubs must hold an active GRIT license

All members of the team can only be staff, Instructors or members of the club they are representing

Team captains are allowed to enter more than one team

Team members are only allowed to compete in one team during the finals

How does the challenge work?

First set: Individual Relay

1. The first team member completes 10 repetitions on each exercise until the first set of 6 exercises is completed.

2. As soon as the last repetition has been confirmed, the next team member starts

3. The process is repeated until the entire team completes the first set. Every member of the team must complete their set before they team can move onto the next stage.

Second Set: Team Relay

1. Immediately after the 4th team member completes the first set, the team relay commences.

2. In this second set, as a team you must complete 20 reps of each exercise.

2. As the 6 exercises are now split between the 4 team members, two members of the team will need to complete 2 exercises instead of 1, so be strategic on which 2 they are.

3. Only one team member completes the 20 repetitions of the exercise at one time. Once completed, the next team member completes the next exercise and so on.

4. There will be no swapping in the middle of an exercise. That team member must complete the entire 20 repetitions for their exercise.

What are the exercises?

Exercises are to be completed back to back against the clock whilst being verified / timed by an additional team member or judge. Exercises must be completed in the below order prescribed:

Push Press: Heels must stay on ground in push phase, arms to be fully extended at top of press, bar to be lifted from chest area (below chin). Males are to use 30kg per bar and females to use 20kg per bar.

Push ups: Shoulder must reach judge's fist on floor

Lateral run - 2 metres: Both feet must cross the line and inside hand must touch the floor

Overhead Plate Squat: Squat needs to be 90 degree or lower. Heels must stay on floor. Plate must remain extended above head. Plate weight to be 10kg for males and 5kg for females

Barbell Rows: Bar must row from knee to waist line. Males must row 30kg per bar and females must row 20 kg per bar

Lateral Bench Leap: Both feet must clear the bench

What do you win?

A Les Mills Goody bag (RRP £60)
A £50 Reebok Voucher
A Pulse Roll (RRP £100)
A Les Mills Initial Module Training (RP £425)

Les Mills On Demand 3-Month Membership (RRP £35.85)
and of course... The GRIT Champs trophy!

Where are the finals held?

The finals will be held at the London Tribal Gathering on 17th November 2019

Do Les Mills cover costs to get to the finals if we qualify?

No, it is the clubs / members responsibility to cover any costs associated with travel or accommodation regarding the final at Tribal Gathering.