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Changing member perceptions with BODYVIVE 3.1

Posted in Clubs, Fitness, Research

It’s no ground-breaking surprise that new members, and those just returning to a fitness routine, struggle with intimidation, and negative perceptions of group exercise.

Getting back on board that wagon after taking a fall, whether that’s an over-indulgent summer holiday, having a baby, or simply starting their fitness journey for the first time, new members often feel overwhelmed, embarrassed of their bodies and have negative attitudes towards a group fitness environment.

We also know that a third of these new members, or those just starting back, will have taken a tumble off the wagon again within three months. And within six months, half will be gone from your club, never to return.

None of this is big news. The questions is:  What can we do to engage these nervous members in a workout that’s going to ease them in at the right pace while still providing results and motivation? How can we actually make them fall in love with fitness and build a long-term relationship with your club?

Two recent studies showed that BODYVIVE™ 3.1 could be the ideal programme to allow members who are “easing back into it” to dip their toes into fitness while experiencing the benefits of whole body cardio, strength and core training.

The studies used BODYVIVE 3.1 as an introductory programme for new members and showed amazing results in both members’ perceptions of exercise and of their club:

  1. BODYVIVE 3.1 was trialled as a four-week introductory training program run by Penn State University, USA. The study showed:
  • 43% increase in likeliness to engage in exercise
  • 29% decrease in feelings of embarrassment about their bodies, and feelings that they had no time to exercise
  • Belief that their health would increase in the future• Negative self-perception in a group fitness environment reduced by 31%
  • 70% confidence that six months after the study they would still be doing 2-3 BODYVIVE 3.1 classes a week
  1. BODYVIVE 3.1 was also used as a six-week onboarding programme for a club with 100 participants and had staggering results:
  • Conversion from trial completion to membership was 48% (this club usually sees a 10% conversion to membership with promotions)
  • 86% also tried at least one other group fitness class during the trial (and many intended on continuing to attend that class in the future)
  • Negative attitudes towards group fitness classes decreased on average by 18%
  • 88% rated their overall experience as 4 or 5 out of 5
  • 80% were very likely to recommend BODYVIVE 3.1 to others

 But the most outstanding results of the trial were the impacts on revenue:

  • 70% of the newly converted members signed a 12-month contract worth £18,000
  • 30% of them signed a 36-month contract worth £7500
  • The overall impact on revenue for the club was more than £40,000 for the year.

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