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Protecting yourself against the rapid growth of boutique cycle studios relies on providing your members with the best possible cycle experience. Here are five steps to making it happen.

  1. Set up an inspiring studio

It is imperative you set up a studio that members want to be in. Create a space that inspires people to push hard and enjoy their overall workout experience. This includes everything from the layout and quality of the bikes to the décor of the studio.

Great décor and lighting work together to create the overall studio experience. Carpets, colors, wall graphics, marketing materials, patterns and shapes can all be used to create a great sense of energy and movement.

Creating amazing workout experiences relies on a quality sound system capable of pumping high volume.
One design factor is non-negotiable – all participants must have a clear and unobstructed view of the instructor.

  1. Offer better cycling classes more often

The fastest, most simple way to increase weekly attendance is to give people more of what they want. Customers expect immediate satisfaction and they want your schedule to adapt to theirs, not the opposite.

Research shows “convenient schedule times” are a major driver of group fitness attendance globally, and one of the primary reasons for the success of boutique gyms. Offering a mix of live classes and virtual classes enables the number of classes on offer to grow considerably each week.

  1. Get rock star instructors 

Instructors are the face of your business. It’s important you build a rock star team – and keep them. Ideal instructors are:

  • People who have involvement or experience in the entertainment industry
  • Credible physical role models and passionate about sport
  • Naturally able to interact and connect with a large variety of people
  • Naturally able to catch and hold people’s attention
  • Passionate about inspiring your members and developing social bonds
  • Committed to ongoing training and up-skilling
  • Able to represent your club culture and willing to help grow your club.
  1. Provide an online booking system

Boutique cycling studios offer a booking process that is driven by technology. These days customers want ‘no barrier’ experiences. They want to be able to pay, book and select seats without any hassle.

  1. Add performance tracking

Adding a performance tracking element so that people can compete (either with each other or with their own historic performance) is a highly attractive proposition, specifically with the millennial market. This should allow members to compete by measuring and displaying key metrics, and record and track personal performance over time.

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