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Motivate your members or someone else will

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Fitness has never been bigger. In fact, it is now the world’s biggest sport, with 61% of people who exercise regularly doing gym type activities. However, retention still remains the fitness industry’s biggest problem.

A typical fitness facility loses 50% of their membership a year. Where previously new member acquisitions could fill the gap, new levels of competition and industry segmentation have made gaining and retaining members harder than ever. With these increasing pressures on clubs, it’s now key to focus on retention as well as new member acquisition to protect your club.

This is no news flash. Retention has been a key issue for clubs for a long time. The best clubs are already on the road to beating their retention issues, but many still struggle. We all know the answer to this challenge and it’s simple; we need to help members fall in love with fitness and their club and by doing this, it will make your business more resilient.

33% of members stop attending by month 3, after an average of just 12 workouts and before they have had any chance of seeing any real benefit or of creating a habit.

No Results = No Retention

For members, fitness can be seen as hard work and often we leave them to build and sustain an exercise habit for themselves.  Members who attend Group Exercise use their facility 3 times more per week on average compared to IHRSA’s figure of 1.9 member visits per week.

Some key points to consider:

  • Are you selling “your facility” or are you selling “exercise and wellness”?
  • How are you engaging members from day 1 … Are you encouraging them to participate in assisted and group fitness in their induction process?
  • Are you using attendance as your No.1 KPI?

When we focus on building bonds that can’t be broken with our members they start to become hooked on fitness. When members are hooked on fitness they stay for longer because they have a more meaningful connection with their club and will be less tempted to go elsewhere. By motivating your members to exercise by engaging the, they build a relationship with your club and keep coming back for more.

To explore the theory of Relationships Beyond Memberships further, Join us at our latest Les Mills Insight Seminar Series.


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