Congratulations on completing your AIM training!


This month we’re giving a special shout out to all of our instructors who completed Advanced Instructor Module Training in November. Take a look at the list below.

We’d also like to congratulate Jenny Randle who completed AIM 1 in July and AIM 2 in October but was missed from the previous list

Well done to everyone. You did great!

If you’d like to continue your Instructor journey with AIM training, please get in touch. We’d love to talk you through it. You can reach us on or 44 207 264 0200


Leanne Whittaker

Joanna White

Kate Lamb

Mohammad Ravaei

Sophie Bailey

Emily Craven

Rebecca O'Neill

Sarah Lawson

Jenny Randle

Nicola Suffell

Emma Wootton

Stephanie Hartley

Claire Grimster

Lynsey Burns

Emma Hughes

Karen Scott                      

Gareth Vernau

Russell Pay

Matt Heywood

Justyna Przenioslo

Joshua Young

Chloe Virr

Ann Povall

Rhianne Cowman

Jennifer Joof

Holly Gardiner

Claire Smith

Aftab Ali

Amanda Anstey

Fiona Nunns

Stephanie Hartley

Patrick Kenny

Charlotte Spencer

Claire Mottershead

Briony Baker

Sophie Carr

Thomas Wood

Rose Nicol

Sam Holman

James Chivrall

Salima Samjœ

Dwayne Clevett

Dana Jancikova

Nelly Risberg

Tyler Hatherly

Carlie Ackerman

Kara Clare

Jack Perkins

David Beech

Rebecca Ford

Kate Henderson

Ruth Tavares

Glen Curry

Rhea Wiggans

Jan Miller

Kat Hutchinson

Jamie Douglas

Tom Kivell

Michael White

Myles Battle

Steven Barter

Jackie Clarke

Vikki Baker

Cheryl Williams

Eric Boles

Adelina Crisan

Elaine Cahill

Killian Fynes

David Fitzsimons

Jenna Bowen

Phil Barnhill

Kelly Lamont

Glyn Inglis

Alan Turtle

Rory O'Connor

Garry Ward

Barry Roe

Adam Saeed

Chris Smith

Danielle Kelly

David Parkin

Lisa Berry

Darren Kelly

James Redfern

Joanne Brickell

William Cook

Chris Mottershaw

Katie Patterson

Simon Pilkington

Leanne Forker

Matthew Mesbahi

Samantha Bottomley

AIM 2 

Susan Hordijenko

Chris Bartholomeusz

Carly Crockford

Naomi Adams

Barbara Zatloka

Lawrence Okoye

Jayne Hatton

Diane Wickens

Sophie Schofield

Graham Thomas

John Cronin

Tamara Ecclestone


Uwe Borchardt