Congratulations on completing your Advanced Training!

This month we’re giving a special shout out to all of our instructors who completed Advanced Training in May.

Well done to everyone below. You did great!

Advanced Training is an evolution from AIM1 and AIM2. The two-day workshop helps find your individual strengths and enable you to become the Group Fitness leader you’ve always wanted to be, how to be grounded in the essence of your programme, and how to enhance the workout experience for your participants.

Whether you’ve been teaching for six months or 25 years, Advanced Training is the key to breaking through to your next stage in Instructor excellence. You will not only improve your teaching, but also gain skills that will positively impact your life outside of fitness. Find out more here.

May Advanced Training completions

Adam Popowski

Aiqin Gao

Aisling Relihan

Alana Compton

Alisdair Viner

Amber Hassan

Amy Purnell

Andrew Fyfe

Angela Edwards

Aniko Szemzo

Arturo Jurado Garcia

Aston Ross

Audrina Oakes-Cottrell

Baiba Akule

Beth Lempriere

Cezarina Chirvase

Chandini Paterson

Cheryl Gray

Chris Huggins

Christine Manley

Claire Cochrane

Claire Paterson

Claire Smith

Clara Bisset

Clare Kovacs

Daniel Higgins

Danielle Simon

David Brien

Debbie Demarco

Debbie Newlands

Debbie Waddell

Debra Bourne

Eleanor Baguley

Elizabeth Fekete

Emma Law

Emma Smith

Emma Stevenson

Estelle Clayton

Felicity Norton

Fiona Neill

Frances Linden

Gavin Davidson

Gillian Clason

Hannah Robinson

Harrison Dixon

Hayley Miller

Helena Gibbon

Iona Paterson

Iveta Madeley

Izabela Wojcik

Jack Williams

James Griffith

James Knott

Jeannette Rotherham

Jenn Ransom

Jill Squires

Jodie Lynch

Jodie Mcalpine

Jonathan Idun

Josh Ashe

Joshua Young

Kaleigh Mendez Labandeira

Karen Harris

Karen Heskin

Karen Langford

Karina Ivanova

Katie Mcginley

Kelly Ann Collings

Kerry Sutherland

Krystel Franks

Larry Torris

Laura Fitzpatrick

Lauren Cuthbert

Leah Lambert

Leah Wheatley

Leon Markham-Lee

Leona Tan

Lucie Dankova

Lucy Curran

Lucy Matthews

Lucy Walton

Luisa Rodrigues

Lyn Kyorov

Mark Cox

Matthew Abbott

Matthew O'Brien

Melanie Holmes

Melanie Swann

Mencey Rodriguez

Michael Emslie

Monika Marciniak

Naomi Somers

Natasha Jones

Neil Davidson

Nicole Rowley

Nikki Hollyman

Nikki Wells

Patricia Mills

Patrycja Zelisko

Philip Jordan

Praosiri Charusalaipong

Rachael Chidgey

Rhian Sellers

Rikke Hogg

Ross Loughran

Ruzi Uddin

Sam Scott-Smith

Sam Scott-Smith

Sarah Davies

Simon Taylor

Sophie Kennedy

Stephanie Mueller Von Berneck

Stephanie Neiser

Stephen Davies

Steven Klemm

Steven Weir

Susan Douglas

Susan Hurd

Suzanne Combe

Tiago Martins

Una Morrissey

Vanessa Anderson

Victoria Clark

Victoria Finlay

Zufrila Aziz