Congratulations on completing your Advanced Training!

This month we’re giving a special shout out to all of our instructors who completed Advanced Training in July.

Well done to everyone below. You did great!

Advanced Training is an evolution from AIM1 and AIM2. The two-day workshop helps find your individual strengths and enable you to become the Group Fitness leader you’ve always wanted to be, how to be grounded in the essence of your programme, and how to enhance the workout experience for your participants.

Whether you’ve been teaching for six months or 25 years, Advanced Training is the key to breaking through to your next stage in Instructor excellence. You will not only improve your teaching, but also gain skills that will positively impact your life outside of fitness. Find out more here.

August Advanced Training completions

Aaron Macintyre

Amanda Chaytor

Angeles Garrido

Annabel Hodnett

Annie Nash

Baiba Akule

Billie May

Brigitte Edmonds

Caroline Stocking

Charlotte Fletcher

Daniel Hobbs

Daniel White

Dean Stanley

Denise Witchalls

Emily Dale

Emily Lewis

Emma Brock

Emma Franks

Genoveva De Sousa

Isabel Lewis

James Cobb

Joanna Jacobsen

Julie Lloyd

Julie Perrin

Kelly Coomber

Kevin Massey

Leah Sullivan

Lindsay Wright

Lorna Williamson

Louise Jones

Lynne Carver

Mark Maxwell

Miss Frances-Ann Bratke

Naomi Bibby

Naomi Brown

Natalie Branston

Natasha Cox

Natasha Thwaites

Olivia Mitchell

Omari Bell

Preston Graham

Rachel Logan

Sabrah Crowland

Sarah Newell

Sarah Whittaker

Solidea Cocciatelli

Stephanie Burton

Stephanie Ifould

Steven Barter

Susan Patrick

Tuesdae Gildea

Vicky Glazzard

Victoria Barrett

Victoria Edwards

Victoria Ross

Virginia Williams