AIM shoutout

Congratulations on completing your AIM training!

This month we’re giving a special shout out to all of our instructors who completed Advanced Instructor Module Training in December.

Well done to everyone below. You did great!

AIM training is a key part of your instructor journey. Our expert trainers work with you on your specific programmes to boost your technique and coaching skills so you can see a real impact on your classes.
Find out more about AIM here. If you’d like to book onto a training module and take your skills to the next level contact us here.

AIM 1 completions

Abigail Jones

Adele Ward

Aggy Clive

Alex Smith

Amie Shand

Amy Hammond

Andrew Richardson

Andrew Reynolds

Ashley Van Diver

Ashley Bushell

Ausra Slevinskyte

Beth Pattison

Bethany Newman

Carol Powell

Caroline Stocking

Ceri Bartley

Claire Hannah

Clare Bennett

Clare Mcghee

Colin Robinson

Daniela Godier

Darren Shaw

Egle Vaitiekunaite

Elisabetta Iannelli

Emily Storey

Emma Heels

Erica Reynolds

Frances Nelson

Frances Linden

Gemma Merritt

George Cresswell

Georgia Dennis

Hannah Pedder-Smith

Harvey Spencer

Heather Young

Helen Humphries

Holly Pearson

Ian Wheeler

Jamie Davies

Jamie Sullivan

Jessica Newman

Jo Bryant

Joanna Mon

Joanne Murdoch

John Chamberlain

Jon Warren

Jonathan Idun

Josie Clarke

Karla Powell

Kate Wignall

Katherine Norris

Katie Bond

Katie Blackburn

Katie Howes

Kellie Amy Archer

Kerstin Bommer

Laura Cole

Laura White

Laura Fleetwood

Laura Powell-Smith

Lauren Perkin

Lauren Harris

Lauren Monteil

Leah Sullivan

Lindsay Wright

Louise Clifford

Louise Cole

Melanie Elsley

Nadine Tchaho

Natasha Voice

Nazhat Ahmed

Neil Horsman

Nicola Mumbray

Nicola Porter

Rachel Gatenby

Rachel Ford

Rachel Newlands

Rebecca Salter

Roseline Ghiot

Roxanne Pankowiak

Samantha Crane

Sara Berriman

Sara Kendall

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Dunne

Sarah Hird

Sarah Allen

Shahjahan Miah-Begum

Sian Roberts

Siobhan Wilson

Sophie Godson

Sophie Rimmer

Stacy Patmore

Steven Marshall

Suzanne Woodward

Teresa Ward

Tracey Talbot

Victoria Edwards

Yolanda Patterson

Zoe Irish

AIM 2 completions

Adrienne Hammond

Amanda-Jane Groves

Amy Cochrane

Aron Spence

Bonnie Lewington

Chris Thompson

Debora Maietta

Elizabeth Fekete

Elizabeth Shirley

Erica Reynolds

Gary Bultitude

Georgia Dennis

Gurbaksh Badial

Helen Burgess

Iona Mclachlan

James Botham

Jason Patching

Jess Bennett

Kathryn Sinclair

Kevin Edwards

Leanne Vernon

Lidia Gheza

Mandie Brown

Martin Elcock

Melissa Benitez

Michelle Gallagher

Nathan Gay

Nick Roberts

Oliver Harvey-Vallender

Patrick Folan

Paul Burgess

Raquel Reyes Sanchez Verdu

Richard George

Rikke Hogg

Salvatore De Lellis

Sarah Whittaker

Stephanie Ifould

Stephanie Zilliken

Suzanne Green

Young-Joo Kang

Elite status completions

Ashley Theron

Danny Dowling

David Weir

Helen Midworth

Isla Smith