AIM shoutout

Congratulations on completing your AIM training!

This month we’re giving a special shout out to all of our instructors who completed Advanced Instructor Module Training from June - August.

Well done to everyone below. You did great!

AIM training is a key part of your instructor journey. Our expert trainers work with you on your specific programmes to boost your technique and coaching skills so you can see a real impact on your classes.
Find out more about AIM here. If you’d like to book onto a training module and take your skills to the next level contact us here.

AIM 1 completions

Aaron Macintyre

Alana Hutchison

Alexandra Moores

Amy Cochrane

Angela Maley

Angela Wilson

Ashley Mccrohon

Aston Holden

Aycin Oren Yates

Barbie Webster

Catherine Mcnay

Charlotte Aucamp

Cher Henvest

Chris Dyter

Christian Lewis

Christopher Hill

Claire Foster

Claire Hockham

Clare O'Connor

Claudia Baptista

Colin Robinson

Danielle Lavan

David Rowberry

Doris Bechtel

Duncan Thomson

Edward Smith

Ellie Hoolahan

Emily Justice

Emma Davies

Emma Tabrah

Erin Southam

Estelle Clayton

Faye Downer

Fernanda Adamou

Fiona Craig

Gabrielle Bourton

Gaynor Rowe

Gemma Penny

George Cresswell

Georgia Hayes

Giacomo Gottscher

Hannah Burt

Hannah Corbyn

Hansa Hirani

Helen Barnes

Holly Bosson

Isabel Murgelas

Jacky Povey

Jade Blackabee

Jane Earnshaw

Jean Johnson

Jenna Low

Jennifer Greaves

Jordan Gill

Juliet Welsh

Juliet Welsh

Kate Jarman

Katya Mohsen

Kim Hamilton-Winch

Kim Whitelaw

Laura Marsh

Laura Whyte

Lauren Emma Martin

Lauren Sibley

Lisa Playford-Smith

Lisa Sweet

Lorraine Collins

Louise Knight

Louise Miah

Lucia Cortesao

Lucy Bailey

Lucy Lumsden

Maisie Nash

Mariia Stasiuk

Martina Okennedy

Maxine Craig

Melissa Fewtrell

Melissa Lumsden

Michelle Gallagher

Nabila Muzaffar

Natalia Rogova

Natalie Glover

Natasha Cutler

Nicola Wilson

Nikki Betts

Patricia Morgan

Paul Burgess

Paula Alejandra Lema Rodriguez

Paula Buckmaster

Peter Fitzgerald

Rachael Walker

Robert Lisek

Sally Blanc

Sally Seadon

Sam Ash

Samantha Bradley

Sarah Major

Sean Atkinson

Serena Litherland

Shy Bux

Sioux Clare-King

Stuart Russell

Susan Webster

Tom Murphy

Tracey Talbot

Valerija Novickaja

Wendy Fines

AIM 2 completions

Jamie-Lee Porter

Lisa Berry

Mila Palmeira

Steven Marshall

Stuart Woodcock

Susan Rowlinson

Elite status completions

Adelina Crisan

Ciara Townsend

Honor Mackay

Jo Bentley

Karen Bunce

Katie Wills

Lindsey Mcdonald

Maria Carolina Vilela

Naomi Somers

Richard Lok

Ruth Tavares

Sus Chandra