Congratulations on completing your Advanced Training!

This month we’re giving a special shout out to all of our instructors who completed Advanced Training in February.

Well done to everyone below. You did great!

Advanced Training is an evolution from AIM1 and AIM2. The two-day workshop helps find your individual strengths and enable you to become the Group Fitness leader you’ve always wanted to be, how to be grounded in the essence of your programme, and how to enhance the workout experience for your participants.

Whether you’ve been teaching for six months or 25 years, Advanced Training is the key to breaking through to your next stage in Instructor excellence. You will not only improve your teaching, but also gain skills that will positively impact your life outside of fitness. Find out more here.

January Advanced Training completions

Adamantia Lampropoulou

Adeola Adegboyega

Aisling Manson

Alessa Werson

Amir Amirpour

Amy Moran

Amy-Clare Fidgett

Andrea Giovagnoli

Angela Hart

Angela Turner

Annunziata Videtta

Arne Mielken

Ashleigh Downie

Ashley Monk

Ayshe Redzheb Emin

Barbara Miller

Bronte Terell

Carol Mutch

Catherine Hill

Catherine Mcnay

Charlotte Tanner

Chloe Arberry

Chris Kelleher

Christine Aziz

Christopher Taylor-Firth

Claire Cameron

Daniel Blow

Danielle Jerrett

Danielle Mason

Danny Dowling

Debra Hobbs

Diana Moore

Diane Crouch

Duncan Thomson

Elizabeth Fekete

Emilie Gale

Emily Terrell

Emma Foster

Gemma Junyent

Giacomo Colle

Glenn Stobo

Graham Caley

Hayley Reynolds

Hazel Rogerson

Helen Hughes

Hollie Macnicol

Imogen Stokes

Jack Sargent

Jan Browman Barnes

Janet Massey

Janine Chan

Jayden Halliday

Jaynaya Boyles

Jill Hawkins

Joe Chapman

Jonathan Colquhoun

Josh Wigmore

Julie Neeson

Julie Waters

Jurgita Seniunaite

Justine Besch

Katarzyna Majewska

Kathryn Bartolini

Kathy O'Meara

Katia Calamia

Kelly Elice

Kelly Lamont

Kelly Munnery

Ketevan (Katie) Asatiani-Burr

Kira Cadiz

Kirsty Purshouse

Kirsty Smith

Kristina Pryadko

Laura Ross

Laura Watt

Lauren Hunter

Lesley Rennie

Lily Walton

Lindsey Mcdonald

Liz Roberts

Lorna Flint

Lorraine Thorn

Louise Baker

Lucie Smailes

Lucille Randall

Lucy Grosvenor

Luis Barba

Luke Morris

Lynsey Fletcher

Madhavi Jayaram

Marta O'Brien

Martyn Clay

Matthew Gregory

Matthew Wong

Michael Bellato

Michelle Milligan

Michelle Ruther

Mohammad Ravaei

Morgan Lane

Naomi Guzman-Santana

Natalia Coker

Natalia Rogova

Natalie Main

Nelson Poon

Nicholas Holmes

Olga Zamelska

Paul Burton

Paula Anderson

Peter Chiles

Peter Fitzgerald

Phil Barnhill

Rachel Hayden

Rachel Perry

Rachel Sirett

Richelle Daly

Ryan Ferrie

Sally Nicol

Samantha Crane

Sarah Gauld

Sarah Owen

Sean Holman

Sharon Hamilton

Sophie Evans

Stacey Kane

Steph Mallett

Stephanie Sharp

Stephanie Youngson

Steven Klemm

Steven Weir

Stuart Perkins

Sue Morgan

Suzanne Cantrell

Tanja Kuveljic

Teija Jones

Thomas Jordan Young

Thomas Slabber

Toyuba Jaddou

Valerie Timothy

Wendy Card