Learning doesn't have to be daunting

How many classes have you taught this year and to how many people? At the end of your class do you always feel – yep, that was the best class I ever taught? Or do you sometimes leave wondering…could I have been better?

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin

Learning something new is daunting. It opens up the door to failure and feelings of inadequacy not to mention things like the additional expense and devouring our precious time. You’re not alone. And there’s no need to be alone. We are here to help you.

It is not uncommon to make the decision against learning and continual progression. It’s far easier to procrastinate and settle – “I’ll learn that next year” “I’ll sign up next time there’s a discount…” “My classes are fine the way the are…” are all sentences that become the norm and you ignore the voice that wants MORE.

Let’s discuss that voice in the back of your mind. The one that won’t stop nagging for a better you. The voice that believes in you. That knows you have more to offer. Who is that??

The truth is – that’s you. It’s the best version of you. Sometimes you might whisper but sometimes you SHOUT. Imagine where you would be in life right now if you always listened and did what that voice said…..what would your life be like? How would it feel?

The more we understand about the programmes, each release’s uniqueness, and evaluate ourselves honestly with intention to become better - the better we become and the closer we get to actually making a difference, both in our world and ultimately as a collective.

One thing that I do see with all Les Mills instructors, is their inherent belief in wanting to get more people moving, to increase their participants self-esteem, to change how people look at exercise and group fitness, and ultimately make millions healthier - literally change the world!

It may sound weird to some, especially anyone not directly involved with the programmes or never having actually undertaken the training, yet, without big goals and ambitions nothing life-changing was ever really achieved. To do something so huge is much more than an individual can accomplish alone - it requires lots of people working together as a group - a tribe- with a common goal, purpose and intention.

Those individuals are you, and the other future instructors you inspire! Conscientious instructors with an obsessive pursuit of excellence! We may not be able to individually change the world, however what we definitely can do, is change our world. Just think - if every single Les Mills instructor could reach their true potential - how much change could we really make and how good would it feel to be part of that? If you as an individual were as good as you could possibly be - how much more change could you make in your world - how many more of those new year fitness related resolutions your members have, could you make happen?

Change has to come from within and behaviour change isn't easy - it takes commitment to actual action. If you do truly believe in what you do and how Les Mills values resonate with making change on a massive scale - ask yourself - "what did I last change in my world to strive for becoming the best I can be?"

We want you to be where you want your life to be. We want you to feel how great you imagine it would feel to be the very best version of you and we believe we can help you to do this, we think about it all the time and we came up with Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) training.

We look at each programme in detail and look at the extensive thought behind achieving specific results that's undertaken by the Programme and Creative Directors in New Zealand. As good as the intention, choreography and proven results of Les Mills training provides, whether or not the same benefits and experiences are actually achieved in the studios around the world is down to how it's delivered – and that’s all about you guys.

It’s a key area we spend time working with trainers/presenters on and have done since we launched Les Mills programmes in the UK. Some of the concepts and tools that we deliver via AIM training include:

  • teaching to very specific objectives
  • teaching to what we see vs what we automatically say
  • advanced coaching skills
  • consideration of personality types and how that changes how we should coach
  • self-awareness of our own teaching style and personality
  • being truly authentic and creating a memorable experience every class
  • Connection with the programme, music and class

AIM 1 training is about advancement and development. It therefore doesn’t need to be measured but instead; felt. When the quality of teaching hits the necessary criteria as taught and expected on AIM1 and AIM2 you could be awarded Elite status following a DVD submission. The goal is to be the very best instructor you can be for the people that stand in front of you every class and work their butts off with you.

Change has to come from within and behaviour change isn't easy - it takes commitment to see through the action.

Attending a course will give you the tools needed to inspire others and become not just a better instructor but a better person.

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