Our world is changing fast and we’re doing everything possible to support our Instructor Tribe. This page will bring you all the latest Instructor news. If there’s anything more you need help with, please use the contact details below.

Q2 Instructor releases

All your Instructor Release updates can be accessed here


You can now teach a collection of livestream workouts directly to your club members. All of the workouts use royalty-free music, most of the workouts require no equipment and there are simple guidelines on how you can livestream. We’ll keep adding workouts to this playlist.



Join our Les Mills programme directors as they livestream workouts for Instructors. You can learn the choreography and understand how to teach using livestreams at the same time.


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We are offering Instructors a free 60-day trial of our extensive LES MILLS™ On Demand platform. This is a great way to keep your training fresh and fun, with access to 800+ workouts. You can access this offer through the ‘benefits’ link in your Instructor Portal.


We’re moving fast to take our Initial trainings online. We are now offering BODYPUMP™, LES MILLS GRIT™, BODYBALANCE™, BODYATTACK™ and CXWORX™ initial trainings online. The next workouts to get online will be BODYSTEP™, LES MILLS TONE™ and SH’BAM™


Instructor Educational Webinars

To support you to achieve your Ongoing Development Points, you now have access to additional educational webinars to upskill from home.

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Friday 22nd May, 9am - Mike Trott & Lee Smith

Wednesday 27th May, 7pm and Friday 29th May, 1pm - Tracy Roberts
(please note, this is a joint Instructor/ Club webinar)


We want to stay connected with you during this time so we are sending a weekly Tribe Talk - we'll be sharing all the latest updates you might have missed, our top tips for support and key dates for all upcoming education so you can continue to remain tuned in with the Tribe.

You can also stay connected with us through our LMUK Official Facebook Group. Here, you’ll find weekly Live Stream workouts led by our Trainer team specifically designed for Instructors and all the latest news and updates.

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The team at Les Mills UK

Did you miss our April Live Q&A?

Watch the Q&A and for questions we didn't get to, see below!

Are you ever going film in the UK? Would you also consider doing filming in some of the other countries?

It is our full intention to film in the UK – we were planning an event for October 2020 but, in light of COVID-19, this has been postponed. However, watch this space, as it promises to be something very special! We are always looking for new and exciting locations to film in so would definitely consider some of our other territories too for the future.

What can newly qualified Instructors do to keep engaged if they aren’t affiliated with a club yet?

For our new Instructors, we recommend taking advantage of the additional educational webinars available throughout this time and also checking out the technique sessions and coaching tips the TAP team are promoting through our programme-specific Facebook groups. Also we have Tribe Coaches on hand if you want to ask specific questions or support. Find a Tribe Coach here:

Will there be more livestreaming workouts?

We hope many of the live streaming questions we got asked have been answered either by Sarah’s subsequent Facebook Lives or in last week’s edition of Tribe Talk/ weekly Facebook post.

However, if you missed it, we are delighted to share that the following programmes are now available to live stream: BODYATTACK, LES MILLS BARRE, SH’BAM and BODYJAM. Content is available on the YouTube link supplied and you now have the option to mix in additional tracks from your back releases.

How do we all stay connected and engaged during lockdown?

We love the idea of keeping our whole Tribe engaged. We’ve had some great suggestions about how we can all stay connected during this time – currently, our TAP team are leading out Instructor education sessions and live workouts weekly, and we’d encourage everyone to join in with them and then post their workout shots on social media.

Our Programme Directors are also doing Live Streaming through a dedicated Official Les Mills Livestream Facebook Group which anyone can join.

However, it’s not all about the workouts – we’ll be bringing you trivia, quizzes (with prizes!), meditation and motivation sessions and we’re always available for any additional support at this time as needed. Simply reach out directly on Live Chat or email

Watch this space for future plans and celebration moments as a Tribe.

When are smart bars and other equipment back in stock?

As you can imagine, demand for the equipment has skyrocketed whilst everyone has been at home. We are working hard with our suppliers to fulfil all orders and are also shipping event stock from Europe to fulfil UK demand. Please bear with us as we work through supply chain issues and check the website regularly to see when it’s been restocked.

If we have paid for releases that we can't teach right now, will LMUK be looking to help instructors financially?

Our number one priority throughout this time remains supporting our Instructor Tribe and partners. We know that many of you have been furloughed or are unable to work and we acknowledge that Clubs being closed and classes being cancelled means some of you were unable to launch Q.1 releases.

Whilst we have decided to run the upcoming Autoship as planned in all countries, all Instructors are now able to skip the Q2 release, with no penalty. Full details of this have been communicated over email but we hope that helps to ease the financial burden some of you are facing currently.

For more info:

US instructors receive releases a month before we do, can UK receive them earlier in the future?

For Q2, the US has decided to push back their autoship a few weeks to 1st and 2nd June to allow adequate time to communicate to clubs and instructors. We’re looking at dates for Q3, so we may be able to run closer together moving forward

Why do some club abroad record their classes and put them up on YouTube, our members can watch even before we launch?

We agree this is a frustrating experience. Those clubs and instructors who are doing this are going against music licensing laws. We take piracy seriously and appreciate those that report it when they see it. We work with Yellow Brand Protection to report piracy and protect our ability to continue to license the best music for our instructors and clubs.

If you see piracy please report in on our website at

What is Les Mills doing to support clubs, will we have live classes to go back to?

We are already looking ahead to life after lockdown – it’s great to learn from our other markets around the world as China and Japan start to lift the restrictions and, indeed, many of our Chinese gym partners have reopened.

Our Customer Experience team in the UK are in daily contact with our club partners. Our focus has been to support clubs to stay connected to members and Instructors through this time. Solutions such LMOD and live streaming are helping enable clubs to continue to provide fitness solutions for their members. We see live streaming as critical during this time to connect members back to their own Instructors and are supporting clubs to launch this where possible.

We’ve also launched a club support webinar series, tackling topics such as the value of the Instructor and how to use social media to stay connected to members and Instructors.

We’re now working on a plan to support clubs back to reopening and to get their live classes up and running as soon as possible. We’re following government guidance about this transition but we’re as excited as you about the prospect of getting back into the studio!

Can we teach the royalty-free releases you’ve shared with us outside of our clubs?

We are strongly recommending you go through your licensed club and the club’s preferred channels. The reason for this is to ensure members, clubs and Instructors stay connected during this time. If you have done everything you can to reach out your club and they’ve either been unresponsive or have explicitly turned down this opportunity, you are allowed to livestream from your personal accounts (you must be an active Les Mills Certified Instructor, and have personal liability insurance to cover this activity).

What’s the best platform for live-streaming temporary Les Mills classes?

In regards to which platforms are best for live streaming, we’ve pulled together a helpful guide from Bas which gives a great overview (you can access this here:

Ricky Long and Lyndsey Morrison have also produced a detailed guide for UK which you can watch here: With this one, practice makes perfect!

How will we get our development points in lockdown? Are there plans to run quarterly workshops virtually?

You will still be able to achieve your Ongoing Development points in lockdown. We’ve developed a schedule of additional educational webinars which are all worth one point, even if you view them on demand. We will also be running online Quarterly Workshop webinars which also count as a development point.

Why does there appear to be different criteria for staying qualified around the globe?

Each market has its own set of guidelines around Ongoing Development – in the UK, you, our Instructor Tribe, are the top of your game. In order to stay at this world-class standard, you are required to complete two Ongoing Development points a year to stay qualified and upskilled.

As we continue to be in lockdown, will more recent releases be available on LMOD?

LMOD releases are a release or two behind our live programming. This is because we believe in the value of our live Instructor-led product, allowing Clubs and Instructors to launch this first before the releases are updated on either LMOD or Virtual.

Have any of you been doing LMOD on your mobile phone and been struggling with the wide angle shots?

LMOD has been created for anyone to access from home, whether or not they are a regular gym goer. If you are struggling with the camera angles or having difficulty grasping the moves, we recommend starting with the programme intros first before progressing to the full classes.

With IMT training online being available what are the requirements for a video assessments?

Video assessment works in exactly the same way for online IMTs as it does for our live trainings. However, for this period only, we have extended our submission deadline by 6 months and we are also now offering an online assessment option through the Zoom platform. If you are interested in being assessed online, please email us directly at Spaces are limited so it’s first come first serve. You can find out more detail on our website.

Why is the Online IMT courses the same price as the live versions?

Online IMTs are the same price as live training – you will cover exactly the same content and the format is exactly the same as the full two day training, including practical application, so you aren’t missing out on anything by training online instead.

I’ve been teaching Les Mills since 1998. Please can you explain why we now pay more and download everything ourselves?

It’s great to hear you’ve been part of the tribe since 1998. As you know, the cost of the release previously was for the release only. In the past year we combined the cost of the required touchpoints with the cost of the release. The cost of the education and music combined together is actually a reduced cost from when these items were purchased separately.

We’re proud that despite the increasing cost of music licensing with inflation that we have not had to pass these costs on to instructors. Although we no longer mail out DVDs, we now provide a full digital experience for instructors through the Releases App. Through the app, instructors can take their learning on the go with a single source to access the masterclass, choreography notes and music. We’ve continued to invest in improving the experience with providing a place to easily make playlists, mix and match releases, provide access to previously purchased releases going back to Q1 2013 and an ability to watch online or offline. In addition the app includes quarterly education, instructor updates and nearly everything you need to stay informed as an instructor.

Can older releases of BODYCOMBAT be made available?

Our music licencing only allows us to distribute music for 2 years. We know there’s a love for some of the older releases, which is why we made them available on the app for those that had already purchase them. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to make them available for purchase again.