Do you enjoy developing and mentoring others? Are you looking for ways to support fellow Instructors on their journey?

If so, becoming a Tribe Coach might be perfect for you! As an ambassador of the Les Mills brand, we’re looking for Instructors who live the Les Mills values, Be Brave, Change the World and One Tribe, daily and take pride in helping others become the best they can be.

From helping Instructors prepare for video submissions to connecting our Tribe with each other, Tribe Coaches encompass everything relating to community and support as they mentor others through their Les Mills Instructor journey.

What does a Tribe Coach do to support other Instructors?

  • Help support others from the beginning of their journey

As a Tribe Coach, you can support other Instructors at the very beginning by attending Initial Module Training alongside one of our world-class Trainers. Of course, it’s free for you to attend, you just need to request to attend beforehand by emailing your point of contact at Les Mills UK. As well as meeting new members of the Tribe, you’ll have the opportunity to develop and refresh your skills as you are coaching Instructors towards their assessment.

To help new instructors get the most from your support, we ask that you be certified in the trainings you attend, including Advanced Training, so you can share your genuine experience and learnings. While you’re encouraged to mentor and connect with instructors on the training, we ask that you leave feedback on track allocations to the Trainer onsite.

  • Meet the Tribe at Tribal Gatherings

Tribal Gatherings are events where Instructors can experience the latest release as well as socialise with others. Tribe Coaches play a critical part in the success of Tribal Gatherings, by helping out with studio set ups / pack downs and registering Instructors when they arrive. This is a great opportunity to connect with other Instructors and the Les Mills event team & trainers. Attending a Tribal Gathering also allows Tribe Coaches to impart knowledge on training and encourage new Instructors to go through training.

As a Tribe Coaches will always get first choice of classes when they attend a Tribal Gathering. Of course, helping with event set-up isn’t mandatory, but the Les Mills UK staff really appreciate how much smoother you allow these events to run - so thank you!

  • Supporting after Initial Module Training

Coaching Instructors and helping them achieve greatness is an important role of a Tribe Coach. We all know that Initial Module Trainings can be challenging and that it's natural to need a little extra help along the way to achieve certification.

Trainers can put Tribe Coaches in touch with these Instructors and offer help with their certification such as suggesting ways to enhance their teaching skills or helping to build up their confidence. As Tribe Coaches guide and mentor these Instructors, they will receive help and support to continuously develop these skills.

“Providing local support as a Tribe Coach allows me to help and develop existing instructors and encourage new members into the fold! Seeing the progression of learning and having the privilege of sharing their passion and journey is awesome. Group exercise isn’t a job it’s a true vocation, being given the opportunity to work alongside like-minded people is a real high point, sharing the laughter, the sweat, the light bulb moments… and learning from each other along the way!"

Leanne Mills, BODYBALANCE™ and RPM™ Tribe Coach for East Yorkshire

Process for becoming a Tribe Coach

As the Les Mills Tribe is constantly growing, we can only accept Tribe Coaches based on the number of Instructors in each area and their particular needs as programmes grow. To apply to become a Tribe Coach please follow these steps:

1) As growth and experience is crucial for this role, you need to hold an active Instructor certification, have been teaching for two years or more and have completed Advanced Training.

2) After being invited to an interview, you will be allocated a video of a track to provide feedback on. This is to ensure you have the ability to coach another Instructor and give constructive feedback.

3) Once you’ve been accepted as a Tribe Coach we will then support you by providing four webinars for you to watch over the next two months. Two that focus on feedback and two that focus on coaching.

4) Once you then start your journey as a Tribe Coach you can then see the impact you are having by completing quarterly reports provided by Les Mills - don’t worry, these are very simple and easy to complete and training on how to fill out these reports will be given upon being accepted as a Tribe Coach.

After all, what’s more rewarding than knowing you’ve helped another Instructor achieve greatness?

Supporting you along the way

This is a voluntary role, but of course we are here to support you along the way as much as we can. Here are just some of the ways we can support you:

  • You will receive all the relevant information needed to succeed in the role from their point of contact at Les Mills UK.
  • You will be invited to regional meetings where you can connect with Trainers, Assessors and Presenters in your area.
  • We will provide you with 4 webinars to further support and upskill you. 2 which focus on coaching and 2 that focus on feedback.
  • You will receive first choice of classes at Tribal Gatherings before they open to Instructors.
  • Receive £100 Reebok voucher for every 2 new Instructors you help book onto an Initial Module Training.

How do I apply to be a Tribe Coach?

To apply to become a Tribe Coach please email LMUK.tribecoach@LesMills.com with the following details:

  • Full Name

  • Address

  • Which Programme you would like to become a Tribe Coach in

  • How long you’ve been certified in that programme

  • Why you would like to become a Tribe Coach

  • Please mention you have had any previous experience with coaching or mentoring others