What's in store for 2019?

The New Year got off to a great start and we had a fantastic first quarter of Quarterly Workshops with many of you attending.

Quarterly Workshops are designed to help you do what you are great at. Connect with other Instructors, experience the latest release with the Trainer Team and we will share with you, the latest research and education.

What should I expect on the day?

Quarterly Workshops are 90-minute sessions which give our Instructors programme-specific training on the brand-new releases.

  1. You'll benefit from gaining in depth knowledge in the 30-minute education session based on the latest research developments
  2. You'll refresh your own teaching style with expert advice from our Trainer Team
  3. You'll experience an inspiring 60-minute Master Class



Who can attend the event?

This is a Les Mills Instructor only session. You must be certified in the Quarterly Workshop programme to take part in the session. If you have undergone Initial Module Training but are yet to certify, you can attend one Quarterly Workshop between your module training and certification.

Is this an Ongoing Development Point?

Yes. You will receive 1 x Ongoing Development Points for the chosen programme that you are certified and up skilling in. And only this programme.

Remember that as a Les Mills Instructor, you are required to attend 2 Ongoing Development Points per calendar year for each program in which you are certified. Your options for Ongoing Development Points across the year are: Quarterly Workshops, a Tribal Gathering, AIM1, AIM2, a feedback video.

Who takes the session?

One of our amazing UK Trainer Team will be taking Quarterly Workshop Sessions.

What should I bring?

We will supply equipment for all sessions. For BODYBALANCE you can bring your own mat and for CXWORX please bring your own SMARTBAND or CXWORX TUBE. Make sure you bring plenty of water to keep hydrated and snacks if you want them.

Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel a Quarterly Workshop/Tribal Gathering space?

No, that is part of your ongoing development payment of £7.50 per quarter. Remember, you need to obtain 2 Ongoing Development points per year, per programme to uphold your certification.