The Les Mills Recruit

Are you the next Les Mills Trainer and Presenter?

Take on the journey to become the next member of our Trainer and Presenter team in the UK + Ireland.

For the first time in over two years, we're looking for new Instructors and talent to join the Les Mills UK Trainer and Presenter team. Our Trainer and Presenter team are Les Mills ambassadors who work hard to inspire, educate and grow our Instructor community.

The successful Recruits will join the Trainer and Presenter team as participants at Les Mills Live and masterclass filming in London this October!

Designed to help you develop and grow as an Instructor, the journey to The Les Mills Recruit has been created so that all Instructors can apply and have equal development opportunities. A minimum LMQ Level 5 is required to ensure our standards are consistent throughout the Trainer and Presenter team and this will be implemented at the first stage of recruitment. Each stage of the process will be met with coaching feedback for Instructors to enable you to continue your journey to mastery…



Instructor to submit a Les Mills Grade review via Les Mills Connect. To submit your Grade Review as an application for The Les Mills Recruit, please use code LMRECRUIT22

  • Minimum level to be achieved is level 5 to enable entry into the next stage.

  • As dance programmes and THE TRIP™ are not part of Les Mills Qualifications yet, this will be a filming submission.

  • Your Les Mills Connect profile must be up to date to have a valid application profile.

Stage 1 submissions will close on the 20th May.


Submit a video speaking to camera, this will detail your why, and what strengths you would bring to the Les Mills UK + Ireland Trainer and Presenter team. It will also include delivering an education piece of your choice. Applicants will receive video assessment criteria via email after successfully completing Stage 1.

Stage 2 video submissions will close on the 10th June.


You will be invited to a live Instructor audition day.

These days will be a fantastic opportunity to meet other Instructors, take part in upskill workshops, teaching presentations and much more.


Successful applicants from auditions will be invited to a 2 day Bootcamp event.

This event will involve 2 days of teaching, education, challenges and Les Mills information with members of our current TAP team and Les Mills UK & Ireland team.


The successful Recruits will join the Trainer and Presenter team and be a participant at Les Mills Live and masterclass filming in London this October!

The Les Mills Recruit


What is a Grade Review?

A Grade Review is part of the Les Mills Qualification assessment framework. You can find out more about Grade Reviews and how they are assessed here. You can also watch a webinar on Les Mills Qualifications here.

What’s the first step to apply?

Please submit a Les Mills Qualification Grade Review Video via Les Mills Connect. Find the details of the video requirements and how to submit here.

Do I have to have completed Advanced Training to take part?

Not at this stage, but you must have it completed by the end of the process.

I have just certified or restarted teaching again - can I submit?

Yes, all active instructors are welcomed in the process.

Can I resubmit if I don’t get a level 5?

Yes, you have until the 20th May to resubmit and achieve a level 5.

How do I know this process is fair? Where can I see the assessment criteria for Grade Reviews?

All Instructors are being assessed against the same Les Mills Qualification criteria. This can be found in the development forms and skills & criteria summary forms in the certifications page.

For BODYJAM™, SH’BAM™, THE TRIP & LES MILLS BARRE™, that don`t yet have Les Mills Qualification criteria, you will be assessed in the current certification form.

There is no LMQ criteria for BODYJAM™, SH’BAM™, THE TRIP™ and LES MILLS BARRE™, so what is the criteria to be successful

Based on the Certification Assessment Form, the criteria for all 3 dance programmes and THE TRIP™ are:

Choreography: no less than 2 Choreography errors, smooth delivery with confidence.

Technique: No less than 80%.

Coaching: Appropriate use of Layers 1, 2 & 3 to coach effectively.

Connection and Performance: Displays skills listed for 70% of the class.

Why does it need to be the latest release?

Using the latest release allow the process to be as fair and relevant as possible.

What tracks, programmes and filming requirements are needed?

All the requirements for the Grade Review Submission can be found here.

How long will it take for the results of my Grade Review submission to come back?

You will receive your Grade Review results within 14 days of submission.

Will I get feedback if I am awarded a level lower than 5?

Yes, you will receive a detailed development form with coaching and feedback on the 5 key elements of assessment from our trainer team.

Can I apply in more than one programme?

Yes. We recommend you apply initially in the programme you feel you are the strongest in and enjoy teaching most.

I’ve already submitted a Grade Review; how do I apply?

If you have been awarded a Level 5+, you can jump straight to the second phase, which is submitting a video of yourself presenting a 10-minute education piece.

In order to do start at the second stage, please get in touch with our Instructor team at

If you have been awarded Levels 1 -4, you can submit a new video applying the coaching and feedback you received. Use the code LMRECRUIT22 to submit a new grade review.

Do we need to pay for the submission? How do I apply the code?

No payment required for the submission. Using the code LMRECRUIT22 at checkout will reduce the payment to zero.

I’ve just paid for my Grade Review, and now you’re giving it for free?

We are not processing refunds for previous Grade Reviews. This promotional code will be used for The Les Mills Recruit applicants only.

What’s the criteria/requirements/theme for the education presentation?

Film a 10-minute video of yourself talking directly to camera – the content must include;

  • Introduction of yourself and why you would like to be a part of the LMUK Trainer and Presenter team
  • What key strengths you would bring to the team
  • Deliver 5 mins of education to camera on any chosen subject

How do I submit the education presentation?

You will be sent an email after achieving LMQ Level 5 with clear submission instructions for your education video.

Will I get feedback on the education presentation either way?

Yes, we are dedicated to our Instructor development, regardless of the outcome.

When will I know if I’ve made it to the Auditions?

The video submission period ends on the 10th June. Audition invitations will then be sent out the week commencing 13th June.

Where will the Auditions and Bootcamps be? What is the audition process? What does the bootcamp look like?

The audition and bootcamp locations and dates will be shared with participants throughout the process. We will share the dates with plenty of time so applicants are able to plan ahead.

The structure of the auditions and bootcamps will be shared with the successful applicants ahead of the weekends.

How many Trainers and Presenters are you looking to recruit? Is there a specific programme you’re recruiting for?

We are recruiting for new talent, there is no specific number we are looking to fill.

What is the job of a Trainer and Presenter Team Member?

To be an ambassador for Les Mills: Educating, training and inspiring our Instructor community.

Are you looking for a particular body shape, size or age?

We are committed to following the Les Mills Diversity and Inclusion programme. We are looking for the best talent to join the Trainer and Presenter team, regardless of body shape, size or age.

Do I need to be based in the UK & Ireland to take part?

Yes, you must be living and teaching in the UK & Ireland to be able to take part in the process.

What if I would like to submit a Grade Review free of charge but I do not want to apply for The Les Mills Recruit?

The Les Mills Recruit code is specifically for this event to make it inclusive for everybody. If you would like to submit a Grade Review and have completed your Advanced Training you may use that code instead of The Les Mills Recruit code. If not you can submit a Grade Review as normal for the price of £35.

Why is BORN TO MOVE ™ not included in The Les Mills Recruit?

This event is for adult programmes only, so BORN TO MOVE ™ will not be included.

If I cannot submit a Grade Review right now, can I apply later?

Unfortunately, due to the timings and arrangements of The Les Mills Recruit we will not be able to process any extensions for Grade Reviews, this is to keep the process as fair as possible.