2019 Tribal Gatherings!

The next Tribal Gathering event of 2019 is nearly here! Tribal Gathering Events feature the newest releases of all Les Mills Programmes* and a new education session called "Looking After You". This jam-packed event dedicated to you guys, our rock-star Instructors, is coming to:



This is an entire day focused on you and your development. You'll get the chance to experience Masterclasses led by epic UK Trainers, along with the education session.

This is your opportunity to get an Ongoing Development Point in EVERY programme you are certified in, *excluding THE TRIP and BORN TO MOVE.

Tribal Gatherings will leave you feeling refreshed and confident in your teaching ready to take your career to the next level and ultimately help more people fall in love with fitness.


Please find the schedule for the day below. This year we have a much bigger capacity for each class, so expect bigger, better, LES MILLS Live style workouts!



We are very excited to announce that Rene Vogel will be joining us on August 31st!


Our partners for Tribal Gathering Glasgow

Joining us for Tribal Gathering Glasgow are Lucozade Sport Fitwater, Bounce Protein Balls, Pulseroll and Neon Braiders!

Lucozade Sport Fitwater

Lucozade Sport is a proud partner with Les Mills and will be supplying Lucozade Sport Fitwater at Tribal Gathering Manchester to keep instructors hydrated whilst working out. Lucozade Sport Fitwater is a purified spring water charged with electrolytes, specifically designed to help replenish what you lose in sweat when you exercise. It contains zero sugar, zero calories and four electrolytes including Magnesium which helps electrolyte balance. The bottle is recyclable in the UK.

Lucozade Sport is committed to sustainability and have worked closely with Les Mills to ensure facilities are in place at the venue to recycle bottles and all instructors are encouraged to do so via the plastic recycling bins throughout the venue.

Visit the Lucozade Sport Fitwater stand where a Sport Scientist will be on hand to answer any questions and find out how Fitwater can make the difference between a workout and a great workout.


The vibrating foam roller can be used during your warm up for softening the muscle tissue, cooling down after a workout and to massage various parts of the body. Using the unique combination of pressure and vibration it will help loosen your muscles, increase blood flow and flush away lactic acid. Visit their stand where they will have their 'Pulseroll recovery zone' with Vibrating rollers, balls and gun for you to try yourselves!

Bounce Energy Balls

Keep an eye out for Bounce Energy Balls which will be handed out throughout Tribal Gathering Manchester! These delicious snacks will be the perfect energy kick before or after your workout!

Neon Braiders

The braiders from Neon Hair Glasgow are bringing their braid bar to you! Dutch braids, bubble braids, tribal braids and more ... sparkle and glitter, hair jewellery!

Les Mills Tribal Gathering are offering you COMPLIMENTARY HAIR STYLES at Neon Glasgow’s pop up braid bar. Let Neon’s braid team focus on your hair so that you can focus on your work out.



What's included in my ticket?

Your ticket guarantees your place in 4 Les Mills classes and the education session. Some sessions have limited spaces and entry will be on a first come first served basis.If there is space in any classes on the day and you want to join in you’ll be more than welcome.

Who can attend this event?

This is a Les Mills Instructor only event, however you can attend sessions in programmes you are not certified in.

What sessions can I attend?

You can choose four Master Class sessions that you are guaranteed to get into. These do not have to be programmes you are certified in. Mix it up, try something different, you never know, you might find love for a new programme.

Outside of the Master Classes you can also attend the education session.

Is this an Ongoing Development Point?

Yes. You will receive 1 x Ongoing Development Point for all your certified programmes.

The club I teach at pays for my ticket – what should I do?

If your club pays for you, you will just need to log into the Instructor portal and book on as usual.

Who's Presenting?

The Presenter team will be made up of our epic, truly amazing UK team. Check out the schedule above to check them all out.

When and where are other Tribal Gatherings?

Look out for more information on upcoming Tribal Gathering coming to the Scotland, Ireland, London and South West. Dates to announced soon.

What should I bring?

We will supply equipment for all sessions except for mats for programmes such as BODYBALANCE™ and/or CXWORX™. If you are looking to attend the Master Classes for these programmes we strongly advise you to bring your own mat. There is an on-site café, however this may get pretty busy on the event day so feel free to bring snacks, food and plenty of water. Some changes of clothing might also be advisable as you will probably be sweating up a storm!

What time should I arrive?

Doors will open at 8:15am. We will send everything you need out prior to the event, so there is nothing to pick up on the day. Just leave plenty of time to get to your first session.

Where is my registration pack?

For this event we do not send out registration packs. You can pick up everything you need at the event during the registration period. We recommend to always have a copy of your booking confirmation with you. We will send out some more FAQs closer to the event. For any questions about your booking please email lmuk.tribalgathering@lesmills.com

Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel a Tribal Gathering/Quarterly Workshop space?

No, that is part of your ongoing development payment of £7.50 per quarter. Remember, you need to obtain 2 Ongoing Development points per year, per programme to uphold your certification.

Can't remember what you've booked?

Please check your confirmation email as this will list the classes. If you’ve lost this email please check your deleted file and if you still can’t find it email lmuk.tribalgathering@lesmills.com

Can we recycle our plastics and waste at Tribal Gathering?

Yes, there will be designated recycle bins for plastics. Les Mills and Lucozade Sport are committed to sustainability and have worked closely together to ensure facilities are in place at the venue to recycle bottles. All Instructors are encouraged to do so via the plastic recycling bins throughout the venue.

Lucozade sport ask you to please remove the sleeve and bottle cap to aid recycling.